Outer Banks wasn’t that good…


So as many of you, if you’re reading this, likely already know; Outer Banks has become a very popular show among mainly the teen and young adult audience on Netflix. Outer Banks was released this year as a new Netflix Original title about 4 (or 5) teens who live in an island town in the U.S., Outer Banks. This show follows their quest to find the infamous treasure lost on the ‘Royal Merchant’ ship many years ago and explores themes like crime, law enforcement, abuse, broken families, wealth disparity, teen romance and of course, College. I started watching Outer Banks because I saw so much of the hype about it online so I thought I’d give it a watch but I noticed so many questionable things and issues with the show that I thought I’d share my thoughts. So, here’s every thought (47 of them) I had while watching Outer Banks the first (and second) time…spoilers obviously!

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1. The weather in Outer Banks sucks, now I’m not suggesting this is incorrect in any way but… the weather is so bad, over the course of the show (including flashbacks) we see multiple storms and hurricanes rip through the town.

2. They invented all these words like Pogue and Kook, Figure Eight and the Cut which is just a lot to wrap your head around so quickly.

3. Opening with the Pogues having broken into an under construction house just for fun was not it for me, it was not something which made these characters likeable or relatable for me. And maybe I wasn’t the target audience for Outer Banks as a 20 year old university student. But for me, that wasn’t it. This also isn’t a pass time they revisit during the show, although, there is a lot of breaking in to places going on, but it wasn’t just for the sake of breaking in somewhere and drinking.

4. Pope is constantly going on about his scholarship yet also risks it at all costs before ultimately giving it up during the interview, Why’d you make such a big deal about it then Pope if it didn’t matter. His dad was right, he should’ve been hanging out with better influences if he wanted a future.

But also, he goes on about it so much to the point that JJ risks himself to give Pope his shot at this.

5. John B’s house is like massive, considering his father was apparently poor and they live on the poor side of town the house is huge. Maybe that’s my “Australianism” showing through and houses are just bigger in America, I don’t know but… to me, that is a big house for a poor kid with a single parent.

6. These kids are criminals, but because we watch the show from their perspective we are supposed to believe they are just becoming victims of circumstance. BUT, they are criminals, they break into houses and hotel rooms, steal gold from other people’s properties, steal money and a gun, steal equipment, John B runs from child services so many times, they stow away on the ferry, John B also turns himself into a fugitive. Pope sinks an expensive boat for revenge. So, we are supposed to watch and ignore these things but I simply can’t ignore them being criminals in their quest for wealth.

6.A They are bad criminals, they don’t seem to have any concrete plans going on they just do whatever they feel at the time, they don’t even wear gloves when they intend to break into places, honestly, have they never seen crime TV? Don’t put fingerprints on a gun when you don’t know what it has been used for, and also don’t steal it! That is linking yourself to any crimes which have been committed using that gun. Honestly, it baffles me how bad they are at committing crimes. When they’re in the basement trying to get the gold they actually yell each others names out while being shot at – don’t give the person who’s house you broke in to your name?

They even sometimes recognize how bad their plans are but just do it anyway.

7. The compass getting back to John B and the island is incredible dumb luck. When you really think about it, John B’s dad died on an island and it is also dumb luck that Scooter found his dad, took the compass, died, then John B found it.

8. No one cares about the welfare of these kids, not the teachers, Sheriff, no one. John B lives alone in his dead dad’s house having to work to keep the electricity on, JJ is being abused, and we just, don’t care.

Thanks a bunch Sheriff Peterkin.

People know that JJ is being abused but no one does ANYTHING. Child services was all over John B, they were even in town and no one has bothered to report JJ’s abuse. I mean for gods sake, his dad attacks him in a car on the street right outside the Police station and no one sees? I think not.

9. Sarah’s little sister is only there for plot convenience, she adds nothing and no substance.

10. So, Kiara jumps through a hole in the side of the mausoleum, which she needed a boost to get in, then, they just cut to her out of it. How could she get back out if she needed a boost to get through the gap before and they couldn’t open the door.

11. For a show with so much class struggle and such a wealth divide which demonizes the Kooks, they are total hypocrites about it all. They all wish to be Kooks the second they could be, but hey, money corrupts I guess. To going full Kook!

I guess, socioeconomic struggle is just so inconvenient…

12. Almost 20 isn’t that old Ward…

13. Rafe and JJ’s dad share a drug dealer, how cute!

14. Topper and Rafe literally go after way too many people in this show. Rafe kills someone, Topper attacks John B and tries to drown him, throws John B off the tower, they try to kill Pope and JJ at the outdoor cinema. Then, Rafe burns down a church. What the actual heck. Neither of these people are arrested in the course of the season.

15. Pope risks everything for revenge?

16. Special shout out to Sarah for recognizing she wasn’t ready to sleep with Topper, for saying no and not being too afraid to change her mind and showing it is still your choice and you can change your mind even after you say yes if it isn’t right. Keep your power ladies! So happy to see Outer Banks having shown this topic and proving on TV if it isn’t right don’t do it.

17. Lucky the only guy who speaks this random language happens to be a teacher at the school who knows John B. But also, how’d he recognize the language if he doesn’t speak it and it’s a lost language?

It’s also lucky the teacher doesn’t ask too many questions… and it’s kinda messed up that they weren’t going to give him a cent of the money considering they would have had nothing if he hadn’t translated the letter, they wouldn’t have known it was at Tannyhill.

18. Cheating is still not okay though.

19. The fuck does that even mean and why are we, or Sarah, supposed to care about it?

20. I absolutely hate lines like this, if you’re going to break up with him break up with him don’t make it like a move to be with someone else. Break up with him first then go to John B. Really, why didn’t she break up with him after she got back from the Ferry with John B then she wouldn’t have had to go to the Midsommers party with him.

21. John B “fell” off that tower so far down it is a miracle he was barely injured cause honestly, wouldn’t have surprised me if he died from that fall.

22. Similar to number 10, John B gets lowered down into a well, being held up by a pipe in the basement (risky if you ask me),

and needs to slide face first into the hole to reach the gold and unhook himself. How does he get back out!! With all the commotion of the woman with the gun, John B gets himself back out. Apparently, despite being wet and no one helping him he can scale the wall of the well and just pull himself out. I disagree.

THEN later he goes back on his own after Ward buys the house and takes the gold, how’d he get himself down and out again.

23. They didn’t melt off the whole wheat marking, they said ‘we can’t sell this with a wheat marking on it’ but didn’t get rid of the marking.

24. They try to sell their gold bars in down at a little pawn shop? Why didn’t they take the ferry to the mainland. Did they really think that store was going to have the money to pay them out.

25. Why did JJ even give his dad the restitution money instead of giving it directly to the courts or Topper, considering he knew his dad’s issues and had to know something like this would happen.

26. Why did they wait so long to go back for the gold, what was the point in waiting? They could have gone back the next night but instead they worry about melting down the bars and taking them to the pawn shop instead of collecting all the bars then John B has time to go fishing with Ward before they get the gold.

27. How is it that Denmark didn’t spend more of the money, he was supposedly releasing all these slaves and such but didn’t spend that much of the money off the ship and no one ever knew he had it.

28. Are they suggesting that they just built a house right on top of the well and didn’t even bother to fill the well or build an actual floor on top of it, they just covered it with some planks?

29. How did JJ get a hot tub delivered and installed in less than 24 hours? Outer Banks doesn’t seem like a place full of hot tubs to me.

30. What was Ward’s plan, he tells Sarah he’s taking John B on the boat, gives John B time to tell people, then he tries to kill John B. What was he gonna do, what was the cover story? He was going to dispose of another body the exact same way as the previous time. Also, Ward was John B’s legal guardian at the time.

31. Ward’s story about John B and the stabbing makes no sense, if anyone looked at how shallow the ‘stab’ was they would’ve known that.

We also have this little inconsistency…

32. Why would Ward confide in Scooter about killing Big John?

33. Do these kids not have phones? None of their parents seem to be able to get a hold of them or know where they are.

34. The sale of that house went through insanely fast. It was like one night.

35. The fact that they actually find the treasure is so dumb, obviously I know that is what the show is about but it is ridiculous that it actually happened even after John B’s dad spent his life looking for the Royal Merchant it is insane that these four kids are the ones who found the gold.

I agree JJ!

36. Why did Ward wait so long to call for help with Peterkin, he made it so that his son was a murderer instead of giving himself up. He even could have called an ambulance for Peterkin and ran with the gold but he didn’t. He waited and let her die and Rafe became a murderer. Like father like son I guess, now they can both be murderers since well, Ward did already murder a minimum of 3 people.

37. Did they do any forensic investigation or ballistics testing on Peterkin, cause honestly, the gun Rafe used was registered to someone, someone loaded the bullets.

38. What did Ward have on Peterkin? I need to know because without knowing I can’t understand this.

39. I guess there’s no innocent until proven guilty if you’re a Sheriff’s Deputy in Outer Banks.

40. Why was Pope the one driving after he smoked so much weed, that’s also illegal and incredibly stupid and dangerous, why wasn’t Kiara driving the get away car from the ferry.

41. Rafe burns down a church, that’s insane, he is actually actively trying to murder John B in the process. Like I get that if John B died it’d be great for their story that he was the shooter but honestly, burning down a church with people in it?

42. I feel like they’re pretending that Topper helping John B out of the church was a redemption arc for his character but guess what, it wasn’t. BECAUSE moments earlier he tried to get the police to the church and before that he was blocking John B in and before that there’s the whole, throwing John B off that tower thing.

43. John B does not know how to hide from the Police.

44. The fact that John B and Sarah survived and held on to that boat all night long is comical because it’s so unlikely.

45. Saying “the gold” on a ship after you’ve just been rescued seems like a poor move to me.

46. Kiara’s character is really confusing. She wants to play a Pogue but go home to her big house with her happy family who love her but pretends to understand John B, Pope and JJ’s struggles with being poor.

47. I honestly felt like for the story they told, Outer Banks had too few episodes. They needed to explain so much about the place and the people and the Royal Merchant whilst also setting up John B and Sarah’s relationship, Kiara and Sarah’s feud, John B and Topper’s Feud and everyone else’s feud with Topper. Also, they found the gold and lost it so the pacing for me felt really weird, it shouldn’t have been so fast for them to find the gold but also it felt like so much time passed before they did anything when you re-watch it. It is four episodes ( out of 10) before they even find out the gold wasn’t lost a sea.

All that said, Outer Banks was a fine show Netflix made about some misfits looking for treasure but for me it wasn’t anything amazing and it wasn’t top tier television or even a top tier Netflix Original but it was decent. Maybe two times was enough times to watch it though… Please let me know any thoughts or comments you may have I love to hear them or hear any differences of opinion. Thanks for reading.


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