Recommendation: ‘Get Even’


‘Get Even’ is a relatively new release to the Netflix Original Series list centered around four girls in a UK high school, Bree, Margot, Kitty and Olivia. These girls make up DGM (Don’t Get Mad) who’s mission is to ‘get even’ with those doing wrong at the school. Starting with a teacher. DGM says, “don’t get mad, get even’ as the premise for their group. The series runs across 10 episodes so far and I personally really liked it. I will try not to spoil to much of it but, there is a bit of a mystery which strikes the DGM and their mission, as they’re being framed.

They also explore many relatable high school issues like wealth inequality, cliques, finding your friends, family troubles, popularity, bullying and sexual harassment. There obviously needs to also be a bit of romance/relationship drama.

It has a lovely sound track and the shorter 20-30 minute episodes rather than the 40-1hr episodes of some shows which makes it easy to watch episode by episode. The scenery is beautiful. I definitely enjoyed the show and hope they will get more seasons, the vibes are nice and it is one of the less cringey high school drama Netflix has made. And who doesn’t love a murder mystery?

‘Get Even’ centers around four powerful women who want to create change and call out people’s bullshit. Maybe their methods are questionable however it’s still a cause I can get behind.

I really feel like for those who enjoy dramas like How to Get Away With Murder, Elite, The Hunt, Veronica Mars and 13 Reasons Why, might enjoy ‘Get Even’.

You can check out the trailer here:

Or directly on Netflix…

Let me know if you give it a shot or would like me to do an in-depth review or recap as there are some clear questions I’m left with. Thanks for reading.

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