Every qualm I have with ‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 1a…


I started watching Pretty Little Liars in 2014 when a few seasons had already aired and I myself was 14. It was a show which carried me through my high school years, I became totally obsessed. I honestly still am a bit obsessed with PLL. It for me has a bit of nostalgia in the 2010’s music selection, lack of smartphones early on, great characters and a seemingly impossible story-line. This show is the thing I put on the TV when I don’t want to think or try anything new or I need to study because I already know what happens and I don’t need to actively watch to enjoy it. But even I can’t deny that the more times you watch the more questions you have and little errors you see. Maybe some of these for me just came with moving out of the teen-aged high schooler mindset that I noticed many of these things but I thought I’d share and do one of these for every seasons because I simply had too much to say to put all of Pretty Little Liars in 1 post. That said, there will be entire series spoilers in each of these posts so if you haven’t watched all of PLL be warned.

* Disclaimer, I love Pretty Little Liars however I have not read the books so I will not comment on the books. This is in no way intended to offend any one who was involved with the creation of the show as it for me was one of those shows that captured a whole group of people. So, get ready for another long one… Here’s every qualm I have with Pretty Little Liars season 1.

There will be a few consistent qualms across these posts so I’ll start with them

  • If they had just owned up to their actions and taken responsibility for themselves they could have stopped Mona and therefore Charlotte. But they were too worried about taking responsibility for themselves that they let themselves be terrorised.
  • Ezra is such a creeper.
  • Sexualising a teacher is disgusting and the fact no one reports it throughout the show is incredible.
  • Wren is also a creeper.
  • Melissa makes no sense in most of her actions as she thinks Spencer murdered Alison.
  • Which is the front door of Spencer’s house, we constantly see people coming through both the door in the living room and the one on the side of the kitchen and I can’t tell.
  • Alison is terrible
  • Mona spends a lot of time just hoping she’ll get lucky and her A messages will be heard when they aren’t texts
  • Spencer doesn’t move into the barn until the flash forward but they made a big deal about her re-doing the barn to move in, in the pilot
  • If Mona hated Alison so much for what she did to everyone why did Mona turn herself into Alison to insult people the exact same way and bully them, even using Alison’s insults?
  • How did Mona have the time to stalk all four of them all the time including at school
  • Heels everyday at high school
  • Why did no one who saw Alison the night she died come forward, none of them
  • They are so bad at protecting their belongings, they leave their bags places, don’t lock their cars
  • Why is no one doing anything about Aria and Ezra, her friends just accept it, her 15 yr old brother is just like okay cool and her parents eventually accept it, he’s a predator, he was her teacher
  • Just because Aria and Ezra aren’t in rosewood doesn’t mean no one could see and recognise them
  • Paige and Emily get together despite Paige trying to drown Emily because she was better than her
  • Paige sucks
  • How did Mona have the time and how did her parents not notice she was always at the lair AND where’d she get all the money from?
  • Ezra clearly doesn’t spend that much time in his Ravenswood lair through the years since every time Aria goes to his apartment unannounced he is home.
  • They send SOS but don’t write like what it means or where to meet

So lets get started with every qualm I have with Pretty Little Liars season 1…

1. Where did Alison get the drugs she used to drug her friends into falling asleep the night she ‘died’?

2. Aria’s family up and moves to Iceland for a year, how? how did they get a visa for their entire family to move there for a year? Was Byron working, they said he was on sabbatical? Mike and Aria didn’t object to being pulled out of school and taken away from their friends for a year? Alison can’t have been missing long before they left since they were gone a year and get back on ‘the anniversary of Alison’s disappearance’. It must have cost a fortune. It also appears they moved their entire home with them. It just doesn’t make sense that Aria’s best friend goes missing and right after their entire family moves away, what would have happened if Alison was found would she still not have come back for a year?

3. Aria gets home and the first place she goes is a bar, shes 16. Its also a bar which appears to be on the Hollis College campus, what was she doing there?

4. We all know that Ezra is a creeper, he knows Aria’s age and knows she’ll probably be going to the school and knows she’s Alison’s friend – then literally hooks up with her. She’s underage. Ezra man, you could’ve watched the girls to find what happened to Alison from the outside, you didn’t have to get with Aria to do it.

5. Wren and Melissa move into the barn that Spencer’s parents told her if she renovated she could live in, that’s messed up.

6. Why did Mona wait so long to start texting the liars? If she really wanted Hanna to herself why did she not start sending the texts after Ali went missing? Even then, Mona said they were stealing Hanna but they hadn’t gotten close again yet. Also, why did Mona send them from Alison’s perspective and how could she realistically have had the surveillance on all of them (not just Alison) back before Alison went missing.

7. The idea of students sexualising a teacher is yucky. I was in high school not that long ago myself and it’s disgusting. I was in high school when PLL came out and it was still gross back then. But they really romanticize it.

8. How did Wren and Melissa ever get together? They seem way too different. Although, Wren is also a creeper.

9. Ezra shows up to Alison’s funeral. Now when you know his whole story of how he was dating Alison this makes sense, but in his cover story he has just started teaching at the school, there aren’t really that many people at this funeral and he shows up and no one thinks it’s strange.

10.Ezra kisses Aria at her best friends funeral, a bit of a strange choice Ezra, its her best friends FUNERAL!

11. They act like Jenna is this scary mean girl – but at the beginning the only thing they really know about Jenna is that Alison didn’t like her and that they blinded her. THEY blinded this girl and they act like she’s the plague. Why weren’t they incredibly nice to her if they were so worried that she might tell that they did it? There is no reason to treat her like this especially when none of the liars actually had any ill feelings towards her (in the beginning anyway).

12. I understand that sometimes characters have to be recast in shows but it still bothers me when we see a flashback of Ian and then its suddenly a different guy when he’s reintroduced and it happens so many times in PLL. Same with the DiLaurentis’s or Jason or Kate.

13. Ian is also obviously a creeper, he dates Melissa then cheats with her 15 year old younger sister, while he’s in College whilst also dating Alison who is ALSO 15 years old. That’s gotta be statutory.

14. The DiLaurentis’s move quite quickly in my opinion, their daughter hadn’t been missing for a year and they had already moved away and sold their house, wouldn’t they have stayed hoping Alison might come back there one day (or at least Mr D).

15. Counter point, Jessica DiLaurentis knew Alison’s body was buried on the property, if she didn’t want it discovered to cover for Charles why would she sell the house and why wouldn’t she want to be close to Alison and keep an eye on Wilden.

16. Sara Harvey – she makes no sense and that’s all I have to say about her showing up at the funeral, makes no sense to me.

17. Mona spends a lot of time just hoping she’ll get lucky and her A messages will be heard, for example; the radio shout out – what if Hanna wasn’t in the car at the exact time, what if it was a different liar, what if she wasn’t listening to the radio. How many wasted messages were sent which they didn’t receive because the timing didn’t line up?

18. Wilden goes a bit hard trying to frame them, Mrs. D must have paid him heaps to cover up Alison’s murder.

19. “Telling the truth now isn’t going to make Jenna see again, it’d just ruin our lives” —- as opposed to Toby’s life, which you already ruined and could fix. At least partially anyway.

20. Maybe y’all should just not get dressed next to windows which face other people’s houses? Then you wouldn’t have people peeping in on you. That’s what curtains and blinds are for girls.

21. They question Jenna being ‘A’ even though she was sat at the table with them in episode 2 while they all got an A text

22. Ella inviting Ezra to sit with her and Aria at the cinema with them is so weird.

23. How did Wilden get off speaking to them without parents so many times?

24. Wren says his mistake was falling for the wrong sister – Wren mate, you don’t even know Spencer yet but you’ve known Melissa for like a year. Did you really not love Melissa at all? And then they get back together after he had said that?

25. Ben tries to force himself on Emily in the bathroom and she never tells anyone or reports him.

26. What was Toby doing in the girls locker room?

27. When did Maya and her bf break up?

28. How’d Mona run around Noel’s party in her ‘A’ get up without getting noticed with an outfit change, and all to steal some photo-booth photos

29. It doesn’t track that Spencer would straight copy paste Melissa’s assignment and submit it. There is no way she would be so careless as to not proof read and reword it before submitting, lucky they didn’t have turnitin back then aye.

30. They should be apologizing to Toby not treating him like hes ‘A’ if they think he’s ‘A’. even if they don’t, they should be grateful to him for taking the fall and trying to make sure he doesn’t decide to change his story.

31. Did Mr. Marin really think telling Hanna he was engaged to the woman he cheated with and was going to have a new daughter was “helping her through a rough patch”? And then doesn’t even warn her before he introduces her.

32. Ezra’s college roommate tells Ezra what we’ve all been thinking, everyone here knows the risks but I guess his book is worth jail time

33. Ezra uses the ‘A’ text to break up with Aria, if he was gonna give up so easy why’d he start with dating her instead of just doing his research without dating her

34. Sean is boring

35. Hanna rigging a door with the least amount of effort I’ve ever seen anyone put into anything…

36. Why does Alex so easily believe Melissa at the Homecoming dance – there is no reason to believe Melissa over Spencer.

37. That 2AM club doesn’t get the rep it deserves. This isn’t a PLL qualm because they use 2AM club several times but still. The 2AM club songs they use are so catchy!

38. The fortune teller is a dentist?

39. Why realistically couldn’t Hanna go literally any other time to get the Jenna file than during Homecoming.

41. How did Mona possibly get the writing on the Tarot Card and make sure that it was pulled when one of the Liars was getting their cards read and not someone else, seems a bit convenient….

And that is every qualm I have with Pretty Little Liars up until the end of homecoming. Thanks for reading, don’t forget you can like, comment or follow this blog and check out my socials @simplymythoughts_blog and Simply My Thoughts Blog on Facebook.


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