Every qualm I have with ‘Pretty Little Liars’ season1b…

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In case you missed Pretty Little Liars season 1a check it out in my blog posts page. This post follows directly on from it. As said in the previous post there will be whole series spoilers if you haven’t finished PLL yet so be warned.

Now, Here’s the part Two:

1. Why wouldn’t Emily tell her mum her and Ben broke up?

2. Putting a spare key under your doormat is stupid, especially when you’re the only door on your floor with a doormat Ezra.

3. Aria’s a bit of a crazy ex-girlfriend breaking into Ezra’s apartment like that.

4. Apparently Jason went to an ivy league?

5. If Jenna thinks Garret killed Alison why’d she come back and try and point the finger at people. Or a different way, why’d she stay away til Alison was ‘found’ if she “knew what happened”?

6. Why’s Sean so threatened by Lucas, also, Sean is boring.

7. If the police gave the DiLaurentis’s back Alison’s bracelet because she was wearing it when she died – how’d it stay down there, did it fall off in the hole and Alison left and Bethany went in on top of it or what? Doesn’t make sense that Bethany would have an Alison bracelet.

8. Wilden forcing Emily to out herself for no good reason is fucked.

9. He didn’t have a warrant so finding the letter or the statues is inadmissible surely.

10. Why did Ian break up with Melissa if she knew he was cheating?

11. Where did Mona get the Ian Alison video?

12. Why weren’t they just nicer to everyone, if the liars had just been nicer to Mona she might have stopped.

13. Why didn’t Ashley Marin just move house, why didn’t she sell that enormous house instead of stealing from an old woman

14. None of Aria’s friends stopped her and Ezra – the only person who is genuinely worried is Noel, and then they paint him as a bad guy.

15. Ashley steals the money then wastes a bunch of it on a private hospital room, why? This must be why she has money problems…

16. Alison comes back because she somehow knew Hanna was hit by a car, but not a soul saw her? She got into town, into the hospital and just walked around – flyers with her face on were still up and no one saw her? What about security cameras?

17. Why’d Spencer just give up on Alex when he was mad, she could’ve told him the truth. I liked Alex.

18. Hanna’s all pissed about being paid to dance with Lucas but like, I’d love to be paid $1000 to dance with someone one time, especially since Sean is so boring.

19. Paige tried to drown Emily and she didn’t report it.

20. Aren’t there security cameras in the school? Which could catch footage of Caleb stealing from vending machines and like, living there?

21. The bank has bad security against fraud.

22. Mrs Marin didn’t think Mrs potter would notice she had lost her key for an entire year?

23. Where’d Byron get Ezra’s home phone number?

24. If Paige had been into Emily since before Ali left (as we find out when Cece tells the story about Pig Skin and tricking Paige), then why would she try and drown her and be so homophobic to her, if she knew she had been into Emily for 2 yrs?

25. They constantly talk about Aria and Ezra in the school in public, what about people who eavesdrop?

26. They elude to Ashley Marin’s family problems in her childhood but they never explain it and I wish they just told us. Same goes for Byron’s brother’s issues that they elude to.

27. How did fake ID’s get 5 15yrolds into a college party where there were people checking IDs

28. So if Ezra was dating Jacquie on and off for 2 years, when was he dating Alison during that? and why was he obsessed with Ali’s disappearance?

29. SO they can’t take a private photo together but they can have each other’s names on their phones and text while they’re at school?

30. I don’t know how old Garret is but he’s also got a thing for younger girls

31. Why did Ian go after Spencer? If he wasn’t A and he loved Melissa why would he try and kill her sister?

32. Who was paying for Alison’s storage locker for so long and why didn’t they wonder that? Also, why didn’t Alison come back for her key and leverage?

And here are my constant qualms throughout the series for anyone who missed them in the first post:

  • If they had just owned up to their actions and taken responsibility for themselves they could have stopped Mona and therefore Charlotte. But they were too worried about taking responsibility for themselves that they let themselves be terrorized.
  • Ezra is such a creeper.
  • Sexualising a teacher is disgusting and the fact no one tells throughout the show is incredible.
  • Wren is also a creeper.
  • Melissa makes no sense in most of her actions as she thinks Spencer murdered Alison.
  • Which is the front door of Spencer’s house, we constantly see people coming through both the door in the living room and the one on the side of the kitchen and I can’t tell.
  • Alison is terrible.
  • Mona spends a lot of time just hoping she’ll get lucky and her A messages will be heard, for example…
  • Spencer doesn’t move into the barn until the flash forward but they made a big deal about her re-doing the barn to move in, in the pilot.
  • If Mona hated Alison so much for what she did to everyone why did Mona turn herself into Alison to insult people the exact same way and bully them, even using Alison’s insults?
  • How did Mona have the time to stalk all four of them all the time including at school?
  • Heels everyday at high school?
  • Why did no one who saw Alison the night she died come forward, none of them?
  • They are so bad at protecting their belongings, they leave their bags places, don’t lock their cars.
  • Why is no one doing anything about Aria and Ezra? Her friends just accept it, her 15 yr old brother is just like okay cool and her parents eventually accept it, he’s a predator, he was her teacher.
  • Just because Aria and Ezra aren’t in rosewood doesn’t mean no one could see and recognise them.
  • Paige sucks.
  • how did Mona have the time and how did her parents not notice she was always at the lair AND where’d she get all the money from?
  • Ezra clearly doesn’t spend that much time in his Ravenswood lair through the years since every time Aria goes to his apartment unannounced he is home.
  • They send SOS but don’t write like what it means or where to meet.

Thanks so much for reading, let me know if there’s any you think I missed and comment your favorite season 1 moment.

Come back next week for a new post.

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