Biggest questions ‘Blood and Water’ left me with…


I recently checked out ‘Blood and Water’ on Netflix which follows a young South African girls mission to find out what happened to her sister who was taken from the hospital the day she was born 17 years ago.

  • How the hell does Puleng keep her socks up
  • Puleng actually broke into the principals office to steal a birth certificate which for some reason the school had, which actually wouldn’t mean anything even if she was born in the hospital her sister was?
  • Why were fikile’s parents so shook when they found out about the stolen baby it was all over the news when it happened and all over the news recently when her dad got arrested?
  • Just because she has the same birthday and same age as your sister doesn’t mean anything- wouldn’t they change the birth date if they were going to forge a birth certificate for a trafficked baby?

  • None of Fik’s friends told her sleeping with her coach was messed up

  • How old is Puleng? She gets into a party and gets served alcohol but its a 17th birthday party and her sister was older than her so at bare minimum she is 16 if her mum got pregnant right away after their baby got stolen which i doubt which makes her younger than 16 – so why is Fik interested in being her friend and KB is apparently like 18

    Then they say in the final episode that she is ’16’ which does mean that her mum got pregnant again very quickly which is strange especially considering the evidence that her father didn’t want the first baby.
  • How rich is KB if he can so easily get his honestly not that good song on the radio so fast?
  • What do all the different blazers mean?
  • Is it really that easy to just switch schools part way through the semester in South Africa?
  • They get into a club so what’s the deal with the drinking age, we know Fik is 17 so what?
  • How did no one see Fik and Coach having weird intimate moments in the school?
  • Puleng’s dad having notified an adoption agency that he wanted to give his baby up for adoption is not evidence that he trafficked her, if he had he would surely not have made such a big deal on the media about their baby being taken. Giving a baby up for adoption is not illegal. Wanting his wife to get an abortion also isn’t evidence that he trafficked his baby… so my question is, what’s the real evidence against Puleng’s father?

Netflix has announced a second season is coming which I truly hope is true because I feel like nothing was answered in the first 6 episodes. We are no closer to finding out what happened to Pumelele or what KB’s fathers involvement is. However, here is mine and my friends prediction;

We feel like Puleng’s father is going to be convicted of trafficking his daughter because it just seems more dramatic that way. However, we don’t think he was involved. We also don’t believe Fik is Pumelele because honestly, would you not want a baby from further away than the other side of town so it would be harder to find you with a baby that looks like the one on the news born around the same time. Also i don’t think they would be stupid enough to have Pumelele and not give her a different birth date even by 1 day since the birth certificate was likely faked you could pick a day earlier or a day later. We do think it is likely that Fik was a trafficked child or at the very least adopted because otherwise her parents behaviour makes no sense. That being said, could they not as wealthy people have gotten a baby through legitimate means? Either way, we don’t think that Fik is the baby or that Puleng’s father was involved.

Now, these are just predictions and I guess we shall see in the next season what is true. Let me know if you have checked out ‘Blood and Water’ yet and what you thought. I think it’s great to support international film and television especially in an accessible format like on Netflix so it would be great for support the foreign Netflix Originals like this.

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