Biggest questions I have: Netflix Christmas edition

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I decided I would finally post holiday related post so I thought I’d let y’all know about the things which have confused me most about the Netflix Christmas releases. So here goes;

Why can’t I watch the Christmas movies all year round?

It’s like Netflix is trying to stop me getting my fill viewing pleasure from it. Every year they make us wait until they decide to put up the holiday titles again, but you know what, sometimes I just want to watch The Holiday, why are they trying to stop me. And also, surely they would keep up the Netflix original holiday titles in case people want to watch them, in order to make more money on them?

Where is the diversity in holiday celebration films?

Come on Netflix, you can do better than this!

Christmas Inheritance:

I absolutely cannot deal with the fact that the snow in this movie is like bubbly soap. Seriously the whole time it looks like they are standing around in soap and I just can’t. Full disclosure this isn’t a Netflix original but, they always put this one up.

The Knight Before Christmas:

He believes he is a Knight, fine maybe she thinks he has like a memory problem associated with her hitting him with a car, but this man believes for the entire film that he is a Knight and Vanessa Hudgens just, ignores it. Like it isn’t a problem for her that be believes he is a knight and acts as a knight. He wears his armour and swings his sword around. A legitimate weapon and she lets him stay with her. That just doesn’t track for me.

Also, he says the whole movie he needs to get back to see his brother become a Knight then literally doesn’t see it and leaves again. His brother says find love or something and he just leaves. Couldn’t he have waited til after the ceremony?


I actually really enjoyed this movie, I don’t know about everyone else but, what’s wrong for me is, Emma Roberts wants a holidate so that her family will lay off her and stop bringing up her finding a man. However, she tells them all from the start that he is a holidate which really doesn’t stop the, her family wanting her to bring home a boyfriend. It only works if she doesn’t tell them that they aren’t dating and they believe they are dating. So, I don’t understand.

Why are all these famous actors just showing up in Netflix Christmas movies now?

I had hardly seen Vanessa Hudgens acting in years (except for the Second Act) before she decided to do 2 Christmas movies in 1 year, both for Netflix. However, that totaled to 3 characters in those 2 movies. Now this year with Princess Switch 2 she is apparently playing 3 different characters. As if they weren’t strange enough before. I’m just wondering why did she take these roles?

Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries. She was on Vampire Diaries for 8 years, a show which was so successful they made 2 well running spin offs. Now, she films Christmas movies.

So, I know there’s a lot about Emma Roberts image which may have impacted her career, but she is very famous and has been a successful actress my entire life which begs the question, why she chose to do Holidate.

Moreover, Christmas Inheritance came out after The 100 started so I just find it random that Clarke from the 100 went out for a terrible Christmas movie.

Kiernan Shipka had the same thing appearing in Let it Snow last year. She had already had a long filmography career including her starring role in The Chilling Tales of Sabrina. Then she did this movie and I really think it was a flop.

I just want to know how Netflix has made this happen.

Let it Snow:

She says the whole time that she isn’t interested in the guy just because he is famous, but it is an absolute lie. She talks to this random stranger, finds out he is famous then it is okay to spend the entire day with this random guy and even bring him home after to meet her mum. But it’s totally not because he’s famous.

The movie also had the random woman with a tinfoil hat and made a big deal about it then never told us why, so felt very pointless to me. Why make that a detail if she isn’t going to reveal anything? Tell me why?

Happy Holidays everyone, hope you enjoyed. Let me know your favourite Christmas films or biggest questions in the comments down below.

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