What the Facebook Aussie News ban meant for me…


As I wrote this post I was feeling incredibly discouraged. I try to keep this space fun and full of jokes even if it is often negative. I enjoy critiquing shows and telling you how I feel. For those who don’t know, Facebook and the Australian government were recently in talks about whether Facebook should pay Aussie news outlets to show their articles and videos. This resulted in a flat ban of news on Australian Facebook. However, it appears this was not done in a fair way for others. The impacts of this decision reach further. I am a small blogger. I recognize my reach is not far and I cannot stand at this point on my own. I have made countless Facebook ads to reach a wider audience and be able to share my content. However, I was stopped from doing this. My independent blog on TV shows has been blocked as a part of the ban. I am told that Facebook has agreed to take this back, but that does not change the impact to me or give me any comfort.

I am a creator with just over 30 Facebook followers, approximately 120 Instagram and 180 TikTok followers. But I am now unable to post my blogs on Facebook because they considered me under the news ban. As of today this is still true.

I have spent since August 2020 consistently writing blogs posting at least 1 a week. This will be my 33th post. I have spent my own money during this time on getting my domain and website, making ads, getting graphics etc. I have poured hours into creating every post for you guys. To date I have not made a single cent on this blog, which is fine. You may see my posts as only a few minutes read, but for me there is hours and hours behind finding every image, watching the shows to find what to write, re-watching to make sure I’m not missing things, skimming whole seasons at a time of shows, finding images, editing and sharing to social media. All while I am a full time student getting my degree. The majority of my views come from Facebook. I feel as though this ban has incredibly impacted me and my ability to create and share my content. I recognize I can maintain use of my other social media platforms but those have proven less effective for me.

While I write these blogs for myself, having not made a single cent on it, I want to share them, I want other people to be able to read them and this just has me concerned and confused. I am not a news outlet, but I had been blocked which made me, unable to grow. All creators want their audience to grow, they want to share and reach people.

I want to make these blogs, I write them because I enjoy it and I hope other people enjoy them too. It can just be very discouraging knowing my work building up a Facebook page and spending this money is going backward.

This really has me wondering what my next steps will be…

So what can you do to help?

It would greatly help me if any of you who read my posts, follow my TikTok, Facebook or Instagram could follow my blog with your email down below. This will mean if I upload you will receive an email with a link and with the entire post in the email which can be read from there. You do not have to read all of them, you can ignore them but by following I know my audience is getting notified about my posts. It would really support me if you would consider signing up to emails. The same goes for other small creators you may occasionally watch, view or read their stuff. Supporting them is the most secure way for them to create.

I am extremely glad that Facebook and the Aussie Government were able to come to an agreement, however, following directly via email will ensure that if issues persist in the future I will still be able to reach readers.

Thank you to everyone who had supported and continues to support me and this blog. I will be keeping it going but I will have to think about whether there are more beneficial platforms or formats for these blogs. Thank you especially to those on Monday who supported me while I found out my platform had been blocked and shared my annoyance and outrage.

the 100 poster season 1

Every qualm I have with the 100 season 1…

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So, as I said in my problem with The 100 post, I do really enjoy it however, there are lots of issues as most shows have. But I really like the first few seasons of the show but I still figured I’d share my confusions with you all. So, here is every qualm I have with The 100 season 1.

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They really did just send the juvenile offenders to die on Earth. Jaha even admitted to them that they were basically being sent down to die.

Them having that many juvenile prisoners at that exact moment (meaning the day they went to the ground there was 100 who hadn’t turned 18 and been killed yet) really says something about their justice system.

Lucky they were dropped on the wrong mountain wasn’t it…

None of the 100 who took their wrist bands off had family on the arc? Friends? People they cared about?

“My case gets reviewed when I turn 18” so what happens then? They kill you anyway?

They aren’t particularly cautious honestly considering they don’t know anything about the earth.

Wells Jaha is a crap name, sorry but it is…

Judgements get passed down real quick in this society.

The fact that they could even make this decision is so upsetting, I’m not saying I don’t agree with the plot and sentiment, it’s a good of the many question. But it is just so far from how I view the world around me now.

Don’t remember ever seeing any of these again, kind of like watching LOST and never seeing another Polar Bear…

Maybe y’all shouldn’t have shot those other ark stations out of the sky aye?

Wells deserved better!

Jaha has a very clear death wish, he doesn’t even know Wells is dead yet when he tries the first 2 times to die.

But also, Bellamy and Octavia deserved better!! Imagine how different things could have been for them if it wasn’t all Bellamy’s responsibility. If he could have just been a brother or a son, not a parent, if he didn’t have to get himself sent down to earth and didn’t have to put the weight of all these other decisions on himself.

Finn really could have waited a little longer than like a week to get over Raven, whoops.

How though? He isn’t a spacewalker…

How can you be an AWOL mother when you live on a ship, it isn’t like you can just leave you know, sure it’s a big ship but not bigger than many towns, where’d she go? Also if they distribute everything ‘evenly’ and when people die their items are re-distributed, then what did Raven want her to come back with????

I totally understand Bellamy’s mother wanting to keep her second baby I just wonder what the long term plan was, when she gets found out she is like 16 and lived in their room her entire life, what was going to happen when she was like 25, or 40? What was the plan ultimately for her life to be?

Yeah he could definitely have waited more than 10 days.

Lincoln is such a weird name considering the rest of his people are called like Anya, Lexa, Indra, Echo, Emori, Niylah, and Gaia? Lincoln?!

Guess they never made it…. if only they had, maybe they wouldn’t have ruined Jasper’s character.

But that was after they shot Jasper with a spear?

Also after they were being hunted in the forest because Lincoln took Octavia? After multiple of the sky people were killed.

Now I don’t know very much at all about science or pyrotechnics but seems lucky how little damage the bomb did, considering they live inside a ship with lots of electrics and the air quality and all, also all the oxygen in the Ark could have caught couldn’t it? I don’t know, someone let me know.

It is interesting the expected loyalty everyone has for Octavia, considering she has never been an actual part of the Ark, she never knew them and was cast out for being born, but everyone is so shocked she may choose to align herself with someone else. Aside from Bellamy (and we all know how strained their relationship is) she has no reason to be loyal to them.

This whole scene feels so weird when you know she ends up with Monty…

Look, sending a virus in is pretty genius…

Why were some of them immune and some not? I just want to know. How could they be immune. Also, Bellamy wasn’t immune but Octavia was?

Raven deserved better!

What was Murphy’s end game? What did he think was going to happen after he hanged Bellamy? They were never going to let him leave let alone live?

Why’d the mountain men wait so long to take them, especially if they can just throw gas down?

And that is every qualm I have with the 100 season 1. Let me know your thoughts or if I have missed anything. If you want to read my last post on The 100 click here.

Thanks so much for reading, don’t forget to like, comment, share and check my socials down below. Season 2 coming soon.


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betty and archie riverdale

TV couples who ruin shows for me…

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Last week we had a romance movie post, this week we are swinging back the opposite direction. TV Couples who ruins shows for me. Because look, not all couples are meant to be and lots of them are toxic on TV. Sometimes, it is better to be alone than with someone, if they are the wrong person. So, here is my list of most (not all), couples who I hate on TV. May we all remember the wonderful friends and family members in our lives this Galentine’s day. Shout-out to all the people who support me and this blog!

*disclaimer, not all of these are necessarily couples but fan favs.

In no particular order…

Duncan Kane and Veronica Mars

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, Duncan Kane is so boring, he just seems like a child. He acts like a child the whole time and he is way too boring for Veronica. I was so glad when he left the show. Moreover, they both believed they were siblings, he believed it before they slept together, which is just disgusting, but she also believed it later. How do you date again after that?


Veronica and Piz

If you can’t tell, I love Veronica Mars as a show, I really do, just man, everyone except Logan was a bit boring. Piz was especially boring, it felt like they were trying to give Piz and inch because he was resident nice guy, but he wasn’t that nice, he was boring and she had way more chemistry with Logan. I know her and Logan are super toxic but I can’t.

Betty and Archie

I just don’t like how Archie never saw Betty in that way, she put herself out there saying she loved him then he rejected her and dated countless other girls, then Betty found happiness for years with Jughead and they just make sense together. Even a whiff of Betty and Archie made me completely stop watching Riverdale. They couldn’t just stay best friends? She and Jughead couldn’t just move forward without bringing Archie back into the mix. Also, “I will never be good enough for you Betty” or whatever he said in the pilot feels like such a cop out to me.

Callie and Brandon

Brandon seemed to Callie like an easy way to self-destruct. She constantly turned to him any time she felt things were going too well or a small inconvenience happened she would turn to him. They were trying to be siblings, they lived together as siblings for years, It never should have happened.

Every time there was a problem with her being adopted she would go back to Brandon and date him or have sex with him or whatever, which only makes everything perpetually worse. Callie was the most self destructive character I personally have seen but Brandon was just along for the ride it seemed. They never even really made sense to start with, he was in a relationship when they met, there was no reason he had to ‘fall for Callie’. Just bad vibes all around for me.

Finn and Rachael

Sorry but they are both just too boring. Finn is the same as Duncan where he seems too much like a child and Rachel is so annoying. Finn also just didn’t respect her at the start of the show. I don’t know, maybe they get better later in the show and grow as people, but in the beginning when they dated the first few times it was terrible.

Miranda Bailey and nurse Eli

She could’ve had Ben that whole time but went for the young “attractive” asshole of a nurse. Who made her do so many things which she would never have done. Eli was like a vacation from who Miranda was, he made what he thought more important than what she thought.

I really never felt like their relationship was organic, it seemed like he was pushing her constantly and she was acting like a teenager. We all know it was just an excuse to create tension with Ben before they got back together so…

Rory and Jess

I know lots of people love Rory and Jess but I just don’t, but more on that in a dedicated post coming soon…

Sorry but, having similar interests doesn’t mean you are a good match or good people.

Iris and Barry

I’m sorry I just don’t gel with the whole, one best friend always loved the other and they never saw them, until, they did. Iris got engaged to another man and it took her finding out Barry was flash to be into him (also her fiance dying but, regardless), I just don’t love it. They grew up together and she never saw him. There are so many plot issues which revolve around, Iris not loving Barry and its just too much.

Clary and Jace

Look, I think if you hear that you’re siblings than even finding out you aren’t, that should be tainted, shouldn’t be allowed

Ross and Rachel

Ross has never deserved Rachel, I’m sorry but it’s true. He was so possessive of her early on considering they weren’t together and he always under estimated her and was such a misogynist. However, I will admit I have no sentimental attachment to Friends because I never really watched it until recently, but watching it now, with a relatively open mind. Ross is a terrible person. He is homophobic, spiteful, rude and much more. Rachel deserved the best.

Stefan and Elena

They are just so boring. That’s it, so bland. Stefan is also basically so obsessed with Elena he almost misses Caroline completely, because he was waiting for Elena to leave Damon for him? Honestly, I would have just picked Caroline from the start.

Ezra and Aria

Their whole story is just so messed up, to know she is 15 and date her, and underage girl because he wants to investigate her, then continues to date her whilst being her teacher and continually lying about it. It is just so yucky. Also, romanticizing them for the entire show is a terrible and potentially predatory message to send to the shows young audience.

Waitlist and Rebecca,

Yes I choose to call him Waitlist…

Also, just boring, I am way more into Waitlist and Laurel. There was no real reason for Wes and Rebecca to actually get together, they didn’t have similar interests or lives, she was so rude to him from the second they met, they were so distrusting of each other. Great show though!

Paige and Emily

They just have no chemistry to me, I also think starting with trying to drown Emily is not the way.

Emily and Alison,

Alison is the worst so that’s that, but she also manipulated Emily countless times, she shouldn’t have gotten back with Alison.

Spencer and JJ

JJ marries Will, has a baby with him and is married to him for years, she works with Spencer that entire time, but then they try to throw something together between them as the show is ending. That is so disrespectful to Will, I love Will, he is the bright shining light saying that you can work at the BAU and have a loving family. We should never negate JJ and Will’s relationship and love.

Spencer and Caleb

Even if Hanna said it was okay it is so iffy for them to get together and they were just a terrible couple which ruins Caleb and Hanna entirely as well as the end of the show. Caleb and Spencer made such good borderline best friends, but it felt so wrong for them to be together which jeopardized Hanna and Spencer’s friendship. Just a bad move for me from the writers. Like come on, Spencer and Caleb could at least have waited til Hanna was actually married.

Izzie on Greys with anyone.

Sorry if you love Izzie or love Izzie and Karev but they are all terrible to me. Look, Denny was her patient so she shouldn’t have crossed that line and in real life I doubt she would have thrown her career away. Alex cheats on her, stands her up, treats her terribly then she gets back with him and they get married, not because either of them should have been married but because she was meant to die. And George was just terrible, awful.

So, I’m sure I could spend years and years adding to this list and remembering more but that felt like enough this time. Let me know your thoughts on any of the couples I have mentioned in the comments, or if you have any couples you hate. I’d love to hear your lists. Don’t forget to like or share this post and you can always follow my socials or this blog to know when I upload. Thanks for reading! Happy Galentine’s Day

not my image 🙂
to all the boys ive loved before poster

Everything that doesn’t make sense in ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 1 & 2’…

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So naturally, Valentine’s day is coming up so I had to make sure I posted something valentine’s related. So, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. The third movie is ready to air on Netflix on the 12th of February following consecutive years of pre-Valentine’s Day premiers. The first two movies were a big hit however, I personally felt let down by the second movie, I felt like it created continuity errors and made me like almost all of the characters less. So, I asked on my Instagram whether y’all wanted a TATB post before or after number three and I got a resounding response to before, so here is everything that doesn’t make sense or that I find annoying in the first two movies.

Quick reminder – this will not be related in any way to the books and I will therefore not refer to them, if the books explain things better I find that irrelevant however still feel free to let me know.

Firstly, Josh treats Lara-Jean like a kid, but they’re like the same age? Because he’s younger than Margo but used to be childhood friends with Lara-Jean. So why does the whole first scene of him high-fiving her make me feel like he sees her as the kid sister of his girlfriend.

“Mom told me never to go to college with a boyfriend”, well that’s sage advice, so, say Margo is 18 because she just graduated and Kitty is like 12. If Kitty was still eating baby food when their mum died then… Margo was probably like 8. She probably told her 8 year old daughter, if you have a boyfriend honey, don’t ever take him to college with you, I don’t care how much you love him. What?

Feels weird she said daddy but okay…

Was she going to eat lunch at school with her sister who had graduated? Also, Chris?

John Ambrose wasn’t at that party? Feels like he would have been.

Do Americans have regular carrots? Like not baby carrots, I can’t remember ever having seen someone eating a regular carrot in American TV, or even just carrot sticks they’re always baby carrots.

Someone uncomfortable using their mirrors shouldn’t be allowed to drive without a fully licensed adult, but I guess that is more of a reflection on her dad and the system with which American teens learn to drive (which I find personally terrifying).

Wearing a feminist necklace and a girl power shirt, while saying she needs a boyfriend 🤣. Nice.

John Ambrose, “from model UN”, not that kid who Lara-Jean totally had a crush on for years while they were young and he had a crush on her and now is back like nothing changed?

In the first movie she would’ve told Peter it was John not some guy? I mean she admitted everyone else.

He cant be salty about that just after going on about Gen. Still team Peter though, whoops.

I hate that door with the pole in it. It looks like they’re standing either side of a wall in different corridors.

I hate that they’re wearing the clothes from the day they broke up in that picture. It grinds my gears so much.

This ski trip is so ridiculously unchaperoned.

So, if Peter was ready to meet Gen in the hot tub on the ski trip then why did the entire scene play out how it did. If Peter was waiting to get back together with Gen than why was he being all mopey about Lara-Jean not sitting with him and telling her right then that he has a thing for her then making out with her. You can’t tell me that if he was waiting for another girl that he wouldn’t have been a bit worried about her coming down and seeing that or Lara-Jean finding out he was there to meet Gen. It just doesn’t work.

Similarly, if Gen was meeting Peter in the hot tub what was she doing looking out of a random window down at the hot tub?

Peter should have cleared up the video thing. Also, anonymously emailed Instagram, she could just have like, reported it. There is no need to be anonymous?

Who is this and why wasn’t he in the first movie if he knew them so well as kids?

The change in address, I’m sure lots of you saw it flying around the internet when they decided they would just change the address that Lara-Jean sent the letter to and thought no one would notice, well… we did. Which makes it even more glaring because if John Ambrose lived in California when she wrote him the letter, then look, she didn’t live in the same town as him obviously.

So obviously we have to start with the recasting of John Ambrose which makes me question whether they really did not have faith that they would make a second movie and therefore didn’t cast someone to play him as the later character.

The balloon they let in the sky isn’t the same one from the previous shot. Sorry but it isn’t.

Also, you can’t just pretend the end of the first movie didn’t happen and act like John Ambrose didn’t show up at her house. It seriously make me so infuriated for no real reason, that they put the scene in the end of the first movie when he goes to her door with his letter, then PRETEND IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

Lara-Jean is so incredibly annoying in the second movie!


Why did Maddie Zeigler accept this role, she’s better than this. I want to see Maddie Zeigler star in her own, non-controversial, teen romance movie. I mean Eva from Dance Moms got one.

Obviously he cant text during practice, and like, he showed up. Also, I think every coach has a rule like that, don’t text during the middle of practice. How is he going to safely train lacrosse and play lacrosse while looking at his phone.

NO singing in number 3 please. Please!

Her necklace disappears and it’s so annoying, seriously go watch it again because she has a necklace on, then she says put it on for me, he is holding the locket, she turns around and doesn’t have a necklace on.

She should’ve told John earlier that she was dating Peter.

Again, so when they break up Lara-Jean is all like oh well if I hadn’t come to the hot tub you would be with Gen, but that isn’t true obviously because she broke up with him for like a couple of months or something over Christmas and Thanksgiving, he didn’t get back together with Gen in that time. It also kind of isn’t his fault that Gen was still into him, yes all of this stuff that doesn’t make sense is bad on Peter but it isn’t 100% him.

I think Lara Jean was leading John on the whole movie, I’m on team not Lara-Jean.

Why would they throw a garden party at the time of year when its cold enough to snow?

But not in the same night…

I want to watch Stormy’s romantic escapades instead, or Chris and Trevor. If I watch the third I expect lots more Chris and Trevor.

And finally, them floating into the sky at the end makes me want to throw up, like my god, they go from standing on the ground to floating above the house, that is awful.

So, don’t forget number 3 comes out just before Valentine’s on the 12th. Let me know in the comments if you’re planning to watch it or not and whether you were team Peter or team John in TATB2. I haven’t decided if I want to watch the third one yet but if you want a post about it too let me know. Thanks so much for reading as always, you can check out my previous posts, social media or follow my blog down below. Don’t forget to like, comment or share if you enjoyed it.

Happy Valentine’s everyone!


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