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The Gilmore Girls spin off I actually want to see…

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So I’ve been hearing around that they may be doing a second season of Gilmore Girls: a Year in the Life. Which is like fine, except I think they ruined everything in that season.

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They made Rory an even worse character all together which is funny cause her last few seasons were already questionable. Also, does every show need a spin off, no, but if we are talking more Gilmore Girls tell me why it isn’t about Lorelai. They created this beautiful story around her coming to a quaint town after things with her parents were bad and she began as a maid working in an inn and looking after baby Lorelai (Rory).

We know Lorelai became estranged from her parents, effectively running away.

From all this she makes incredible friends like Sookie and Luke and find a true home for herself and her daughter. But is still deeply estranged from her parents. So, I want to see what happened! I want to watch Lorrelai begin her life as a teenager with a daughter, see her struggles with Christopher over the years, see her grow in rank at the hotel, meet Luke and all the towns folk.

Even show Rory and Lane meeting? To me, that sounds like such a cute show.

I mean, maybe I’m biased because I love Lorelai, but I am sick of Rory, granted I never really liked her but I think the real success story is Lorelai finding her place, mending things with her parents, being the best mother she could. Going to business school and opening the Inn her and Sookie have dreamed about for years. Lorelai is all I need. I mean tiny Rory would be cute too but i really think Lorelai has so much more depth she could bring in her young years.

So I don’t know about y’all but that is the spin off I want to watch. None of this year in the life stuff, not Ginny and Georgia. I want to see the strong woman who becomes the Lorelai we know, make herself, get through, start a life for herself on her own.

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Let me know your thoughts! If you want to know about my thoughts on Ginny and Georgia compared to Gilmore Girls, follow this blog or my socials down below to be notified when my next post is live!

Thanks for reading!

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