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Is the Conjuring franchise going on too long…

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I recently went with a friend to see The Conjuring 3 which was just released. I have also seen all of the movies in the conjuring franchise including La Llorona which I just found out happens in the same “universe”. But if we think about it really, there are 3 Annabelle movies so far, 3 Conjuring, The Nun and La Llarona.

Granted that is a lot of films but I love them. I will not pretend they are all good or that I don’t think there are ones you can skip. The friend I went with hadn’t seen all of the movies and I basically told her, I felt like you could either take or leave Annabelle, Annabelle comes home and The Nun. Even so, I would still watch them again (In fact I have re-watched most)

It seems to be a type of trend to create a successful franchise and make it go on too long, for instance, we also went and saw Spiral (the most recent in the Saw franchise), which seem to keep going despite quality in order to make money. Another example could be Star Wars or Star Trek… sorry. So, was The Conjuring one of these?

I don’t think so, while that is a lot of movies for 1 franchise to make and them all be connected, I think it is viable because there are somewhat based on true stories, there are consistent fresh stories and characters. I think this is important to not keep too close to the original plot. The Saw films, in my understanding are all basically about the killer brutally murdering people and using games. Whereas there are different demons, spirits and characters in The Conjuring.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

I will admit, I liked it but it wasn’t my favourite of the movies, also wasn’t my least favourite (I think lots of people agree with that being The Nun). The new movie is different in they show a legal side, a court case, and there is satanic rituals occurring rather than just poltergeists. We also get to see more of the aftermath of a possession than just the during.

While we are on the subject of The Devil Made Me Do It, I thought I would talk about the scariest moment for me in the cinema. We were about halfway through the movie, being the only people in the showing and felt as though we had actually heard something real, that wasn’t in the film, we ignored it for a moment before looking up to see a woman standing right next to us who had accidentally walked into the wrong cinema. The pure shock of knowing you are the only ones watching a movie and looking up to see a woman standing right next to you is a lot. Very funny afterwards but truly shocking when it happened.

I love the film versions of the Warrens and although they change the original stories for theatrics, it is interesting knowing you can go and read these stories after.

Honestly, I don’t think the franchise has gone on too long, maybe we could leave Annabelle behind for a while but I would watch any movie they make at this point. I haven’t gotten tired of them. And maybe that is just because I love a good supernatural thriller or I am fascinated by the concept of ghosts and spirits. But in any case, I would watch anything they make, especially with Ed and Lorraine. Ed and Lorraine for me really light up these films. If you want a bit more back story on their love story check out the new Conjuring as we get a glimpse into their meeting.

Without Ed and Lorraine this franchise wouldn’t be what it is. I think that shows in the lack of success of The Nun and La Llorona which didn’t feature the Warrens. Maybe Annabelle is going too far, despite it’s connection to the Warren family, without Ed and Lorraine in the first two, it is missing something. Although, so long as the franchise continues following events in the Warren’s lives, they can probably easily keep making movies. But let’s make sure we learn from The Nun and not make them boring.

Thanks so much for reading, please let me know your thoughts or any suggestions for movies to watch like The Conjuring films. Don’t forge to check out my socials below.


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