Is ‘On Pointe’ the new ‘Cheer’?


I’m sure we all remember ‘Cheer’ from last year, the docuseries following an American college cheer team in their fight for victory in the national cheer comp. Or even ‘Cheer Squad’ which also came out in 2019 but appeared to garner less of a response. ‘Cheer Squad’ was also a docuseries following a cheer team however they were a Canadian cheer team who competed competitively. If you didn’t check out ‘Cheer Squad’ I highly recommend it.

Anyway, the point being, everyone was talking about ‘Cheer’ and loving it last year. This brought so much light to the general public on the complexity of competitive cheer in showing the athletes as, well, athletes. It also gave a really close look into a lot of the teams personal lives and struggles which made you feel their pain and their happiness. Got me all emotional to be honest!