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So Ginny and Georgia wants to liken themselves to Gilmore Girls; lets see shall we…

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As we all know, Ginny and Georgia was released on Netflix recently and has gained a surprising amount of buzz. Mainly stemming from Mr. tap dancing it’s Friday with the man bun. But in case you missed it. Ginny and Georgia centers around a family who moves around a lot. Georgia (who’s birth name is in fact, not Georgia) was a teen mum who got pregnant and had Ginny (or Virginia) when she was around 16. She has a very difficult life before pulling herself out and trying to make a good life for Ginny and her son as a single parent. So, yes, the similarity is definitely there, and they do in fact make reference to being Gilmore Girls, which is an interesting angle. Yes, it is obvious but still such a bold move to call yourself out for being a rip off. Anyway, Georgia is a particularly resourceful woman who moves her family to a new town and we get to see them adjust. SO, here is my comparison of Ginny and Georgia and Gilmore Girls.

So firstly, let’s just talk about how many “similarities” there are between the two. We can’t ignore the alliterated GG of Gilmore Girls and Ginny and Georgia, a bit suspicious. Teen pregnancy. Angsty teens, new school, small town, dad who is half in the picture, the 1 local restaurant with a flannel wearing man. Estranged grandparents. Wow, kind of an aggressive rip off but anyway. Multiple love triangles, because where would television be without love triangles. Anywho, here is the corresponding characters:

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Character comparison time:

Ginny is very Rory. They are both just so annoying and bitchy. Their plot lines kind of follow Mean Girls two with them progressively becoming worse and worse. They also both can be really disrespectful and rude to their mums. We do not accept disrespect towards Georgia or Lorrelai. Ginny moves to a new school, making new friends and dating boys for the first time. Granted I like Ginny less than Rory but they are still an obvious copy.

I mean Lorelai is also obviously Georgia including little romance with the guy who works at the local hang out place (diner could we say). We also have the very clear teen mom thing and the homelessness. Estranged parents. Georgia is the light of this show and I feel the same towards Lorelai. They both have unhealthy ties with their exes/ fathers of their children.

I’m gonna say Maxine is Paris purely because she is so neurotic, or she could be like a cross between Maxine and Abby? Anyway, Paris gives off a definite bi energy about her and Max is gay. But that is probably where the comparison ends.

Luke is clearly Joe. I mean, look at these two pictures, my god.

Man who runs the local hang out place, has a long standing crush on our main gal, sarcastic, and watches her date other men rather than just saying he loves her. It’s okay Joe, I’m sure there will be light for you in season 2 if they make one.

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But, does that make Peter, any of Lorrelai’s boyfriends. I guess we will go with Max though, the good guy who she easily could’ve ended up with but also we like diner boys. Proposes very quickly, we know it won’t work out.

We have a very clear similarity with Christopher and Zion. Both swing in and out of the girls lives, Christopher is constantly with Lorelai and not with her and making very confusing times for everyone, they really copied this with Zion. Even down to the begs to get married and claims of change. The motorcycle is a dead give away. Parents who disapprove of the woman who got pregnant by their son. It’s like practically word for word copied.

So kid next door must be Jess. I mean, bad boy, doesn’t want a girlfriend, messing with her and her relationship. Even motorbike crash/car crash comparisons…. Also they do kind of look alike…

But I would feel terrible calling Hunter, Dean or Logan. Maybe he’s Rory’s fiance in the a year in the life season… because she does constantly forget they are dating. Also cheating but hey. I know people hate Hunter but he isn’t a bad guy, I have more respect for him than Ginny, that’s for sure.

There isn’t really a clear Lane to me, I suppose it has to be Max again but purely on closeness to Ginny, not a very good comparison though.

Her co-worker is clearly Michel. I hope I don’t need to explain this but her coworker has the same no nonsense attitude. Also is the main co-worker of Georgia.

If Max is Lane does that mean Sophie is Matt Brody before he joined The OC?

Taylor is Cynthia because he gets a bit too political and is always harassing people and getting in everybody’s business. Although, I hope we see a bit more of her story in a future season as they hinted to there being a lot more going on below the surface.

So, is it a rip off, I mean yes. I would be lying if I said no. I still enjoyed watching it and it brought forth a lot of issues particularly surrounding racism, however, it is a copy. I don’t think acknowledging it is a copy negates the problems with that fact. However, I absolutely love Georgia, I love Joe and I would definitely watch another season. They did bring a different kind of comedy forward too through Georgia and her con-artist ways. So definitely check it out if you like Gilmore Girls or even if you don’t, I personally don’t love Gilmore Girls but I did enjoy this and I think some of the issues they discuss are important and while “oppression Olympics” was maybe not an ideal scene, the points raised are really important.

Thanks for reading!

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