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Every qualm I have with the 100 season 1…

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So, as I said in my problem with The 100 post, I do really enjoy it however, there are lots of issues as most shows have. But I really like the first few seasons of the show but I still figured I’d share my confusions with you all. So, here is every qualm I have with The 100 season 1.

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They really did just send the juvenile offenders to die on Earth. Jaha even admitted to them that they were basically being sent down to die.

Them having that many juvenile prisoners at that exact moment (meaning the day they went to the ground there was 100 who hadn’t turned 18 and been killed yet) really says something about their justice system.

Lucky they were dropped on the wrong mountain wasn’t it…

None of the 100 who took their wrist bands off had family on the arc? Friends? People they cared about?

“My case gets reviewed when I turn 18” so what happens then? They kill you anyway?

They aren’t particularly cautious honestly considering they don’t know anything about the earth.

Wells Jaha is a crap name, sorry but it is…

Judgements get passed down real quick in this society.

The fact that they could even make this decision is so upsetting, I’m not saying I don’t agree with the plot and sentiment, it’s a good of the many question. But it is just so far from how I view the world around me now.

Don’t remember ever seeing any of these again, kind of like watching LOST and never seeing another Polar Bear…

Maybe y’all shouldn’t have shot those other ark stations out of the sky aye?

Wells deserved better!

Jaha has a very clear death wish, he doesn’t even know Wells is dead yet when he tries the first 2 times to die.

But also, Bellamy and Octavia deserved better!! Imagine how different things could have been for them if it wasn’t all Bellamy’s responsibility. If he could have just been a brother or a son, not a parent, if he didn’t have to get himself sent down to earth and didn’t have to put the weight of all these other decisions on himself.

Finn really could have waited a little longer than like a week to get over Raven, whoops.

How though? He isn’t a spacewalker…

How can you be an AWOL mother when you live on a ship, it isn’t like you can just leave you know, sure it’s a big ship but not bigger than many towns, where’d she go? Also if they distribute everything ‘evenly’ and when people die their items are re-distributed, then what did Raven want her to come back with????

I totally understand Bellamy’s mother wanting to keep her second baby I just wonder what the long term plan was, when she gets found out she is like 16 and lived in their room her entire life, what was going to happen when she was like 25, or 40? What was the plan ultimately for her life to be?

Yeah he could definitely have waited more than 10 days.

Lincoln is such a weird name considering the rest of his people are called like Anya, Lexa, Indra, Echo, Emori, Niylah, and Gaia? Lincoln?!

Guess they never made it…. if only they had, maybe they wouldn’t have ruined Jasper’s character.

But that was after they shot Jasper with a spear?

Also after they were being hunted in the forest because Lincoln took Octavia? After multiple of the sky people were killed.

Now I don’t know very much at all about science or pyrotechnics but seems lucky how little damage the bomb did, considering they live inside a ship with lots of electrics and the air quality and all, also all the oxygen in the Ark could have caught couldn’t it? I don’t know, someone let me know.

It is interesting the expected loyalty everyone has for Octavia, considering she has never been an actual part of the Ark, she never knew them and was cast out for being born, but everyone is so shocked she may choose to align herself with someone else. Aside from Bellamy (and we all know how strained their relationship is) she has no reason to be loyal to them.

This whole scene feels so weird when you know she ends up with Monty…

Look, sending a virus in is pretty genius…

Why were some of them immune and some not? I just want to know. How could they be immune. Also, Bellamy wasn’t immune but Octavia was?

Raven deserved better!

What was Murphy’s end game? What did he think was going to happen after he hanged Bellamy? They were never going to let him leave let alone live?

Why’d the mountain men wait so long to take them, especially if they can just throw gas down?

And that is every qualm I have with the 100 season 1. Let me know your thoughts or if I have missed anything. If you want to read my last post on The 100 click here.

Thanks so much for reading, don’t forget to like, comment, share and check my socials down below. Season 2 coming soon.


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My problem with ‘The 100’…


I watched ‘The 100’ relatively recently after having tried to watch it a few times in the past. I will say, I honestly do like ‘The 100’, I have enjoyed watching it and I’m excited to watch the final season once it is available on Australian Netflix, so I have currently only watched the first 6 seasons. But, I do definitely have some problems with it.

Firstly, much like my 13 Reasons Why post, access here if you haven’t checked it out yet;

I feel like, ‘The 100’ deviated from their initial story line a lot. ‘The 100’ starts out basically about whether a bunch of kids can survive and create a livable society without adults (much like The Society, Under the Dome, The Rain, and Between), granted there was all that stuff on the Ark but honestly I didn’t care about that at all. Then we throw in the grounders – fair enough, I guess if you’re telling me they survived fine but I wonder how from the Ark they couldn’t tell there were people down there. But fine, if that’s what they want to say, okay.

But then, by season 3 ‘The 100’ just became so political. Granted some might say it was always political with the Ark and the grounders but suddenly in season 3 there is whole clans of grounders from all around who each have their own government and treaties and a coup to overthrow Lexa. What happened to just surviving on the ground and creating a society. The entire third season was just politics and honestly that is why I struggled to get through ‘The 100’ the first few times. The sudden appearance of hundreds if not thousands of grounders who were living, not that far from Arkadia?

I also can’t say I enjoyed the whole AI story line. It was just really annoying and dumb for me, I didn’t like it and it went on for so long. In my opinion, the only reason for the AI season being put in was so they could shift the story line basically to the few guys in the sky, Clarke on the ground and ‘Wonkru’. So, why did I need to watch all that AI crap?

Then they basically just repeat the entire story line, if we’re being honest, the prisoners coming down and taking over a piece of land vs the Wonkru is literally just season 1 over again. Now, I enjoyed this plot and all. I really did. I like the later seasons but I can’t ignore that they kind of recycled the early story line.

So, we watched the AI try and turn everyone to save them from the 2nd doomsday just to re-watch season 1 but basically from the grounders perspective.

Like I said, I really liked the later seasons (reminder I haven’t seen 7), but when you look back, where they are by season 6 is almost and entirely different show. They deviated literal planets away from where they started!

I also just really don’t care for Clarke, but I guess that’s a personal thing and maybe lots of fans like her – but I really have never liked Clarke and I can’t figure out why.

Another thing I just can’t understand and I would love for someone to explain if they know is; how do the grounders survive the initial radiation? So according to the 2nd radiation explosion only Nightbloods can survive the radiation as proven by Clarke and Maddy. However, would that not mean for the grounders to survive to begin with they would have all needed to be Nightbloods, which means that no regular bleeders could survive the radiation therefore Nightblood could not be bred out to become so rare and important? I don’t know honestly, someone please tell me because didn’t the Nightblood come from Becca?

Lets also talk about language. So, all the grounders still speak English as far as we can see, which means they likely spoke English before Praimfaya, also the mountain men speak English so that leads me to believe the land they are on is an English speaking country (if we’re being honest there is no way the show didn’t drop the Ark and the 100 on U.S. soil). SO, this begs the question of why they created their own language. It had only been 97 years in space for the Ark so in that time we are to believe that Becca came back down, gave chips to some of the grounders (remembering Becca spoke English too), they created whole legends about Becca and a new language whilst still speaking English. Seems suspicious to me…

So, although I really enjoy ‘The 100’ season 1 and 2 and the later seasons, I can’t say I don’t have a bit of a problem with how much the show changed. When I first watched ‘The 100’ season 1 it was a show about kids trying to live on the ground after having never seen the ground in their lifetimes, now it’s about kids on space ships with prisoners and AI’s and they aren’t even on Earth. I get that maybe you can’t have as much run time when it’s just about them trying to survive but it just bugs me. Let me know if you disagree because I know many people may, but those were my problems with ‘The 100’. I look forward to hopefully seeing season 7 soon on Netflix.

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