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I love Grey’s Anatomy but it is notorious for having outrageous plot points and killing off characters. However, it is still an incredibly successful and beloved show with over 15 seasons. It could however be argued that Grey’s has been going a little too long based on how crazy some of the things that happen are. But, I would consider myself definitely a fan and a rewatcher but I won’t deny there are some terrible plot points. For those McDreamy fans consider yourselves lucky because this time I won’t just bad mouth Derek the entire time, but if you want to see my thoughts on Derek check out this post:

But, without further ado, this is my list of the worst plot points on Grey’s Anatomy:

Lexi leaving –

I understand likely the actress chose to leave I just wish they hadn’t killed her and that there was an opportunity for her to come back in the future if she chose. Lexi was a really compelling character who made Meredith better, she made the people around her better. She was incredibly smart and kind and will probably forever be my all-time favourite character on Grey’s Anatomy.

Alex leaving Jo –

I can understand Alex wanting a family and such but I’m sure Jo would have given that to him. Alex was dating Jo for years, actual years they were together and mostly happy. He proposed to her several times, they lived together. Alex and Izzie dated briefly at different points, starting with him cheating on her and ending with her leaving him and apparently deciding she would just have his children anyway. They weren’t married because they were both ready to be married, they got married because Izzie was meant to die. Alex said he was done and she left and never spoke to any of them again. Meredith and Christina were Izzie’s friends too and she left them and didn’t look back. It is insanity that Alex would leave Jo to go be with Izzie and his children that she had without telling him after all Jo and Alex went through with her and her abusive ex-husband and DeLuca and Alex wanting to be married. He waited years.

That Alex and Jo survived so long before they got married – Alex proposed to Jo very early on at April and Matthew’s first wedding and then they decided no. Alex said to her multiple times over the next few years that he was ready and wanted to be married to her coming up to the point where he got a ring and got down on one knee and proposed. Jo said no she couldn’t marry him – fine, but then an entire year went by where Meredith had gone and had Ellis, a year after that and they were still having this same conversation about Alex wanting to be married and Jo saying yeah, maybe, no. Before finally telling Alex she had been previously married. It just doesn’t make sense. They broke up because he was ready to be married and she wasn’t and they just kept going in circles.

Amelia’s brain tumor –

You can’t just make up a brain tumor so that your character can do some strange things. Or, even worse, to explain all the strange things she has done for half of the show.

Who got to live and who got to die – So, obviously Grey’s is notorious for killing off characters however, lets remember those they didn’t kill. They didn’t kill, Burke, Christina, Izzie, Alex, April, Arizona, Penny. But they did kill, George, Lexi, Mark, Derek, Charles, Reed, (girl who got electrocuted), etc. My question is, why did they choose some of them to live and some to die. All those who were killed off are unable to make a decision to return to Greys and I just find it interesting. George’s character said he was going to the army that day and got hit by a bus and died. They could have just said he went and never came back, no drama. Lexi and Mark were two of my favourite characters and neither has the ability to return. However, the likes of Burke who was just a terrible guy and boring character could return.

Harper Avery awards –

Christina doesn’t win the Harper Avery award because of the sole reason she works at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital which the Harper Avery Foundation owns. Now, I do totally understand the reasoning they gave – however, Meredith wins a Harper Avery Award in season 14 whilst still working at Grey Sloan, whilst the foundation still owns it. So, for me that basically invalidates Christina not winning when she was unanimously voted for.

Every time they made a rule about inter-hospital relationships –

Countless times the hospital makes rules about not dating co-workers or disclosing dating for instance, we have, when Bailey is singled out as not needing a form. We also have when Jo and Alex pretend to break up because of the rules. When there are sexual harassment claims. Because, they just forgot about them every time they did it and brought in new procedures and forgot again. Also, there should be no way that interns (or even residents) should be having relationships with superiors because that is such an abuse of power.

“Don’t let them take my leg” –

Okay so I get some people may not feel like this but Arizona literally said let me die. Arizona tried to force her orthopedic surgeon wife to let her die rather than losing a leg. Then Callie saved her life and she used it to be spiteful and create so much boring drama between them because she was mad that Callie let them cut her leg off… to save her life. She lived and she treated Callie terribly for letting her live. Apparently, miss ray of sunshine Arizona would rather be dead than have a prosthetic and live with her loving wife and raise her daughter? Doesn’t work for me.

The shooter –

He went after Derek rather than those who had actually killed his wife, he went there to kill Derek but Derek had nothing to do with the actual case or why she died.

Covid –

I really just don’t need to watch the last 2 years on TV. It isn’t over yet and they are already making it the center of TV shows. I don’t want to watch it, it is still happening. We are all still living it. People are still dying and I don’t care for it on TV. Knowing this was going to be the story line is the explicit reason I didn’t watch the season. Feels a bit in bad taste to me to run this story line now, when hundreds of thousands have died in America alone.

Let me know what you thought of all these plot points and whether you actually enjoy them. I am also open to doing a worst couples of Grey’s so comment if you would be interested in that. Thanks for reading, please follow my socials below to know when I upload.

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Every reason I could find for why Derek Shepherd is the worst…


I’m sure everyone has seen the recent hype around Patrick Dempsey’s return to Greys Anatomy this past week. So, I thought now was the perfect time to remind everyone of who Derek really was…

Grey’s Anatomy is obviously an incredibly successful medical show, one of several 2005 hit tv shows. It has recently been announced that Grey’s will run at least until 17 seasons. However, some would put a lot of the shows success on Patrick Dempsey and the ‘McDreamy’ facade. However, I just can’t agree. I can’t understand why it is constantly said that Derek is a good guy. It’s like they think if we hear that he’s a good guy enough then we will believe it despite all the evidence against it. I hate Derek Shepherd. I always have and probably always will. I don’t get the McDreamy hype or the Derek and Meredith hype but I will concede that the show isn’t as good after Derek dies. But I don’t put that down to Derek I think the vibe just shifts, and Meredith gets worse in my opinion after he dies. However, it truly amazes me how many terrible things he does during his run on the show. So, here’s every reason I could find for why Derek Shepherd is the worst….

  1. Doesn’t tell Meredith he’s married…

2. If we didn’t know Meredith liked Derek back, him pestering her is sexual harassment. Also he is her superior and could be using his power over her and her career. Just because they met first and had a one night stand doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel pressured and harassed.

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3. Drags Meredith along for the ride then chooses Addison. Also, makes Meredith ‘a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her’ which I just hate.

4. Neglects Addison. Derek admits to neglecting Addison before she cheated and when he chose to stay with her and they started therapy.

5. Also slut shames Meredith which is a real class act in my opinion.

Credit to owner of image

6. Cheats on Addison with Meredith at the Prom, whilst also basically shitting on Meredith right before it blaming her for him not wanting Addison.

7. Gets shitty at Meredith for almost dying, as if her being in an accident and dying is about Derek. It’s too much for him. He has no idea what actually happened, how long she was in the water, for all he knows she could have hit her head on the way down or the hypothermia got too much or you know, its not easy to tread water for hours. For all Derek knows she did try and she just couldn’t hold on. “She gave up, she knows how to swim” YOU DON’T KNOW THAT DEREK. YOU’RE MAKING IT UP.

8. Tells Meredith she’s emotionally broken!

9. Almost cheats on Meredith with Lexi then acts like hes a good guy cause he didn’t when he tells Meredith in order to hurt her.

10. I’ll wait for you unless I meet someone else… excuse me what!

11. Doesn’t want to give Meredith any credit for the clinical trial. Yes, Derek is the senior on the project but it was Meredith’s idea which she brought to him and did all the initial research on and did minimum half of the work with the patients (probably more). She also is the only reason they had a success because she pushed for the extra 1 patient. Meredith could have brought her idea and research to someone else but Derek is the God and Derek will always be bigger and better and like Christina said “he’s not the sun” even though he acts like it every chance he gets.

12. Cheats on Rose with Meredith. So now we’re 2 for cheating and 1 for not (Lexi, but I’d suggest more like 0.5 since he considered it)…

13. Does try to steal Chief from Webber… more than once….

14. The throwing the ring in Meredith’s face.

15. Tells Meredith she’d be a terrible mother! As if he would know.

16. ‘Why is the chief spending time with you and not talking to me, he’s trying to get to me’. No Derek, maybe Meredith is just good, maybe the Chief sees more in her than just an intern. Granted that whole alcoholism thing was going on but that doesn’t make it the reason. Because, Meredith is a good surgeon.

17. The whole thing with Zola when Derek practically left her because she was trying to save Adele’s life and they almost lost Zola. Derek knows that Richard is like a father to Meredith and Adele has always been kind to Meredith despite her mother having an affair with Richard. So, obviously she would want to give Adele any chance to live. If it was someone else she wouldn’t have done it but for Derek having known Richard and Adele for years, he should understand what Meredith did.

18. Derek is rude to everyone, all the time. I’ll say it again, you can’t just say he’s a good guy and trick people into thinking it’s true. Everyone is always saying Derek is a good guy – show me where, when, give me an example, please.

19. Derek is mean to his sisters, specifically Amelia. Yes, Amelia is an addict who has made mistakes but she is also a neurosurgeon and she is trying her best to manage her addiction, Derek doesn’t need to constantly belittle her.

20. Derek giving Owen shit about the plane crash constantly. As if Owen could have predicted a plane crash? Yes, he signed a document changing airlines however, Derek had that job, he knows how much paperwork there is and the assistant just hands you pages to sign. That’s the job, the hospital is broke and has been for years.

21. Named his kid after himself, now I didn’t know this until I looked it up but Bailey’s real first name is Derek. Derek Bailey Shepherd, tell me why?

22. Derek’s career will always be more important than Meredith’s.

Credit to Buzzfeed for image

23. Everything to do with the brain mapping project:
– going back on his word to give Meredith time for her career

-moving away to do the project

-trying to steal the sensors Derek worked on with Callie and destroying her research

-Went away, claimed he was changing his mind for his family then was only being spiteful towards Meredith before she finally made him leave. After she told him that was what was going to happen.

Credit to Buzzfeed for image

24. Derek tries to steal the job he got Amelia because on a whim he decided to leave the project. In doing so, allows her to be outed as an addict and doesn’t defend her. How is this a ‘good guy’? Please someone explain it to me!

25. DID CHEAT ON MEREDITH WITH THE RESEARCH ASSISTANT! Did we all just forget that because he came back? So, that’s 3 for cheating to 0.5 for not!!

Now, I don’t know about you but I think that is quite a list. Obviously I couldn’t sift through 12 years of episodes just to find individual lines when he was being terrible, but I still think that is quite an impressive list don’t you? From this list I think it is clear that Derek is a cheater, manipulative, arrogant, rude and down right spiteful for all 12 seasons he is on Greys. So, while I agree the show wasn’t as good, or at least wasn’t the same without him, I prefer the parts in those seasons which he wasn’t in. Also, the few seasons leading up to Derek’s death when he was being the absolute worst I feel like weren’t as good as the old days either. But, hey, that’s just my personal opinion. I’d love to hear yours! Do you still stan Derek and Meredith? Do you think he is McDreamy? I’d love to know.

I personally would say I’m a McSteamy stan myself, Mark is great and I will happily write a post about that if anyone is interested just comment down below.

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