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I love Grey’s Anatomy but it is notorious for having outrageous plot points and killing off characters. However, it is still an incredibly successful and beloved show with over 15 seasons. It could however be argued that Grey’s has been going a little too long based on how crazy some of the things that happen are. But, I would consider myself definitely a fan and a rewatcher but I won’t deny there are some terrible plot points. For those McDreamy fans consider yourselves lucky because this time I won’t just bad mouth Derek the entire time, but if you want to see my thoughts on Derek check out this post:

But, without further ado, this is my list of the worst plot points on Grey’s Anatomy:

Lexi leaving –

I understand likely the actress chose to leave I just wish they hadn’t killed her and that there was an opportunity for her to come back in the future if she chose. Lexi was a really compelling character who made Meredith better, she made the people around her better. She was incredibly smart and kind and will probably forever be my all-time favourite character on Grey’s Anatomy.

Alex leaving Jo –

I can understand Alex wanting a family and such but I’m sure Jo would have given that to him. Alex was dating Jo for years, actual years they were together and mostly happy. He proposed to her several times, they lived together. Alex and Izzie dated briefly at different points, starting with him cheating on her and ending with her leaving him and apparently deciding she would just have his children anyway. They weren’t married because they were both ready to be married, they got married because Izzie was meant to die. Alex said he was done and she left and never spoke to any of them again. Meredith and Christina were Izzie’s friends too and she left them and didn’t look back. It is insanity that Alex would leave Jo to go be with Izzie and his children that she had without telling him after all Jo and Alex went through with her and her abusive ex-husband and DeLuca and Alex wanting to be married. He waited years.

That Alex and Jo survived so long before they got married – Alex proposed to Jo very early on at April and Matthew’s first wedding and then they decided no. Alex said to her multiple times over the next few years that he was ready and wanted to be married to her coming up to the point where he got a ring and got down on one knee and proposed. Jo said no she couldn’t marry him – fine, but then an entire year went by where Meredith had gone and had Ellis, a year after that and they were still having this same conversation about Alex wanting to be married and Jo saying yeah, maybe, no. Before finally telling Alex she had been previously married. It just doesn’t make sense. They broke up because he was ready to be married and she wasn’t and they just kept going in circles.

Amelia’s brain tumor –

You can’t just make up a brain tumor so that your character can do some strange things. Or, even worse, to explain all the strange things she has done for half of the show.

Who got to live and who got to die – So, obviously Grey’s is notorious for killing off characters however, lets remember those they didn’t kill. They didn’t kill, Burke, Christina, Izzie, Alex, April, Arizona, Penny. But they did kill, George, Lexi, Mark, Derek, Charles, Reed, (girl who got electrocuted), etc. My question is, why did they choose some of them to live and some to die. All those who were killed off are unable to make a decision to return to Greys and I just find it interesting. George’s character said he was going to the army that day and got hit by a bus and died. They could have just said he went and never came back, no drama. Lexi and Mark were two of my favourite characters and neither has the ability to return. However, the likes of Burke who was just a terrible guy and boring character could return.

Harper Avery awards –

Christina doesn’t win the Harper Avery award because of the sole reason she works at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital which the Harper Avery Foundation owns. Now, I do totally understand the reasoning they gave – however, Meredith wins a Harper Avery Award in season 14 whilst still working at Grey Sloan, whilst the foundation still owns it. So, for me that basically invalidates Christina not winning when she was unanimously voted for.

Every time they made a rule about inter-hospital relationships –

Countless times the hospital makes rules about not dating co-workers or disclosing dating for instance, we have, when Bailey is singled out as not needing a form. We also have when Jo and Alex pretend to break up because of the rules. When there are sexual harassment claims. Because, they just forgot about them every time they did it and brought in new procedures and forgot again. Also, there should be no way that interns (or even residents) should be having relationships with superiors because that is such an abuse of power.

“Don’t let them take my leg” –

Okay so I get some people may not feel like this but Arizona literally said let me die. Arizona tried to force her orthopedic surgeon wife to let her die rather than losing a leg. Then Callie saved her life and she used it to be spiteful and create so much boring drama between them because she was mad that Callie let them cut her leg off… to save her life. She lived and she treated Callie terribly for letting her live. Apparently, miss ray of sunshine Arizona would rather be dead than have a prosthetic and live with her loving wife and raise her daughter? Doesn’t work for me.

The shooter –

He went after Derek rather than those who had actually killed his wife, he went there to kill Derek but Derek had nothing to do with the actual case or why she died.

Covid –

I really just don’t need to watch the last 2 years on TV. It isn’t over yet and they are already making it the center of TV shows. I don’t want to watch it, it is still happening. We are all still living it. People are still dying and I don’t care for it on TV. Knowing this was going to be the story line is the explicit reason I didn’t watch the season. Feels a bit in bad taste to me to run this story line now, when hundreds of thousands have died in America alone.

Let me know what you thought of all these plot points and whether you actually enjoy them. I am also open to doing a worst couples of Grey’s so comment if you would be interested in that. Thanks for reading, please follow my socials below to know when I upload.

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Main character syndrome…


I don’t now if anyone else feels this but I seem to have a slight issue with likeability of main characters in lots of television. This can make it hard for me to watch some of these shows which I really do like, except I don’t like the main character or main love interest. Now this isn’t all shows, some shows I really appreciate the main character or main love interest but for many of the shows I love I seem to find the main characters irritating. I am curious if this is a phenomenon others experience or these are my own issues or choice writing. So, I’m going to refer to this as main character syndrome – making the main character or love interest of the main character un-apologetically boring, cliche or just the least likeable of the characters. Here’s some examples for you;

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Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy)

I find Meredith a terrible friend most of the time, starting with George and ending with being a poor sister to Amelia (okay sister-in-law) and Lexi (half-sister). She also is just very whiney and selfish in my opinion. I feel like she definitely has her moments where she is a good character but across the board she is standoffish, rude and not understanding.

Derek Shepard (Grey’s Anatomy) –

Derek is so manipulative from the start and I feel like people forget that he lied about being married, then chose to stay with his wife instead of Meredith, got all angry about her being with other men before finally choosing to be with her. He is incredibly condescending towards the other characters and needs to be the best. I cannot stand team Derek and he honestly impacts my feelings towards Meredith making me like her even less. Derek has to be in charge and has to be in the spotlight even if he truly isn’t the best. But characters in the show constantly say how good a guy he is, honestly show me where! Not so Mr. Dreamy to me….

Clarry Fairchild (Shadow Hunters)

Clarry is so incredibly irritating to me, I have the utmost respect for her actress but she leads Simon on for years then instantly starts dating Jace, finds out he’s her brother so goes on to date Simon but really still loves Jace then finds out Jace isn’t her brother and goes back to him. She also makes everything about her (although, I guess a lot of the problems facing them are about her) and she kind of just walks into the Institute having never held a weapon and suddenly everyone (except Alec) is cool with her and she can fight super quickly.

Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries) –

Elena Gilbert is boring. She is a boring girl who just happened to be a doppelganger but early on in TVD she has no substance to me. She’s just playing through the motions of her life not being active in any of it. Admittedly I do think her character improves as she becomes a vampire but in the beginning everything about her screams bland from her fashion to her hair to her personality. The only interesting things about her were that her parents were dead and Katherine (who was a far more interesting character with way more depth).

Marissa Cooper (The OC) –

I have very few words for Marissa I just really couldn’t stand her, I couldn’t even make it to her death because she irritated me so much I had to stop watching. Ryan wasn’t particularly likeable to me either but in my opinion he was far better as a character all the times him and Marissa weren’t together. Marissa was just so self-destructive.

Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries) –

As Elena said, Stefan is the safe option, he’s the one who listens, but he’s also very bland. The most interesting thing about Stefan for me is his addiction but a characters addiction should not be the most interesting thing about them. If Elena and Stefan had ended up together their lives really would have been as boring as if she had stayed human and married Matt (no shade to Matt). He also really needs to get over Elena faster, it is so boring watching Stefan love Elena and not understand that she loves Damon even if he’s bad for her. He also really dogs Caroline for a long time before they finally get together.

Detective Stabler (Special Victims Unit) –

Detective Stabler is a bad cop, he just is, he is a poor investigator, he’s way too opinionated about the cases and the people involved (I guess so is Olivia but hey), he is constantly using unnecessary force against the public and he is always rude especially to Olivia. I for one am not excited to see Stabler return to SVU in the coming seasons.

Alison DiLaurentis (Pretty Little Liars) –

Alison DiLaurentis, whilst not entirely a main character in PLL I will still discuss. She’s a terrible friend obviously, she used so many people before and after she ran away ranging from her friends to the pilot she dated so she could live a double life to the Police. Then after years of screwing with Emily and marrying someone else they decide they should be together. Alison has to be my least favourite of Emily’s love interests and I really think Emily got a bad bunch compared to the other characters. Alison also completely disregards her friends feelings all the time but especially towards Charlotte in the flash forward. She is also obviously extremely manipulative.

Tara Webster (Dance Academy) –

Now this one might be a bit more obscure, for those who don’t know, Dance Academy is an Australian teen drama about Ballet dancers in the National Academy of Dance and I have a lot to say about it that might make it into it’s own dedicated blog but for now…. Tara is the main character. Bland, untalented, childish. I can’t understand how Tara got into the academy but when she’s there, she blatantly ignores her teachers, goes straight for her best friends brother, risking their friendship, then cheats and basically ignores Kat most of the time. She’s entirely self-obsessed and boy crazy.

Duncan Kane (Veronica Mars) –

Duncan Kane sleeps with Veronica while thinking she’s his sister. He is also incredibly boring and acts like a child in my opinion. Dates the popular girl – effectively using her because Veronica ‘is his sister’ until she wants him back. Then he literally runs off with his ex-girlfriends (and his) baby. GOOD RIDDANCE. Now I love Veronica Mars and I get not everyone likes Logan, and yes, Veronica and him were quite toxic but I have to love them, two very flawed individuals trying their best to love each other even if it doesn’t work sometimes. But Duncan for me was the worst of the show.

Hannah Baker (13 Reasons Why)

Hannah Baker is a sad story, I’ll give you that. It is upsetting to watch the events in her life unfold up to her suicide, But… she decided she would bulldoze everyone else’s life in the process of ending hers which feels like payback. Was everything that each character did bad, yes, but was it worth blaming them for your death, I don’t think so. Had Bryce Walker not raped Hannah Baker she likely would not have committed suicide, so to blame the other characters for taking her notes and writing her name on a hot list is offensive. It makes for a good story about the impact of small actions however it doesn’t make me care for her character as a character.

Rae (My Mad Fat Diary)

Rae was such a strange character to me, obviously she was dealing with a lot of personal issues throughout the show and a lot of those were relatable for the audience. But honestly, I felt like you almost couldn’t root for her because she behaved so terribly and she treated her friends poorly, treated Finn poorly because of her own insecurities and was terrible to her mother the entire series. I can’t understand why they made the main character a character who I couldn’t fully get behind or fully root for. All her friends were more likeable than her and more interesting. I respect My Mad Fat Diary for really going over body image issues as a core to this show, but, Rae for me wasn’t the character to look to for personal growth and becoming confident and accepting of your own body and prioritizing health. If you’d like to hear more on My Mad Fat Diary let me know in the comments.

A few other notable mentions for me include Clarke from The 100, Wes from How to Get Away With Murder, Finn from Glee, Tori from Victorious, Rory Gilmore and Emma from the Netflix Original Scream.

Those are just a few examples of what I have decided to call ‘main character syndrome’. I find it very confusing why shows make their main character so boring and irritating. It can seriously impact my willingness to watch a show if I dislike the main character or love interests. Would it not be better to have compelling main characters who show personal growth. Take The Vampire Diaries, Caroline for me is the best character in the show, she is compassionate, confident, caring, powerful and a great friend. But she didn’t start off that way, she grew over the course of the series. BUT, Caroline isn’t the lead, she’s a main character but TVD is undeniable about Elena, Stefan and Damon. What purpose does it have to make your lead uninteresting?

Please let me know if you’ve ever noticed this or if you have any other main character/love interests to add to this list. Thanks for reading!