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‘Elite’ recap season 1-3…

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Elite season 4 is set to be released soon so I figured some people may want a refresher but not actually want to watch the full 3 seasons over again. So, I’m here to remind you of everything to happen so far. So obviously, Elite is about a group of teens in a private school in Spain, however, there is a heck of a lot going on, murder, deception, drugs, corruption, betrayal. I previously wrote a post stating that all the characters are bad people, and I stand by that, but this was from a season 1 and 2 perspective. Either way,

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So, we begin Elite with Samu and Nadia who are set to start at a new school following a tragic “accident” at their previous school. They received a scholarship and promptly started at the prestigious school Las Encinas. We are introduced to all the other characters but most importantly Marina, the first victim.

Season 1 obviously centered around Marina’s death and who killed her. Marina and Carla’s families were involved in the accident at the public school. We find out that Polo killed Marina because he was trying to win Carla back and, Marina was trying to blackmail Carla’s family for Samu’s brother Nano (who she had begun dating). However, Polo gets away with this with Carla’s help. Nano is framed for the murder and he flees town to avoid arrest.

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In season 2, Samu and Guzman set out to find out who really killed Marina, resulting in Samu forming a plan to fake his own disappearance. They find that Polo killed Marina and Carla is set to testify against him. Ander knew Polo killed Marina which causes a rift for Guzman and Ander.

Naturally things don’t quite go to plan and instead we have Carla back out because her father is the worst. Omar is living with Ander’s family as he struggles with Polo and Guzman. Omar still being on bad terms with his parents.

Once more, a murder occurs and we spend season 3 trying to figure out who had killed Polo. Ander finds out he has cancer which manages to bring him and Guzman back together somewhat. Rebeca’s story line is pretty boring the whole way through but her mother ended up in jail so she decided to take over the ‘family business’ and deal drugs. Cayetana also has nothing worthwhile going on except protecting Polo despite also knowing he is the murdered from season 1. Rebe and Samu started dating season 3 too which was unnecessary, especially, since Samu was very clearly in love with Carla the whole time.

Omar has been cheating on Ander which is just awful considering Ander has cancer and Omar literally lives with him and his mum. I find this so disrespectful and really out of character for Omar especially considering the guy he cheats with is dating Nadia at the time.

Finally, we find out that Lucrecia had killed Polo accidently, the rest of the friends all cover for her.

So, where did we leave off each of the characters?

Well, Lu is obviously a bit traumatized, Omar and Ander are still having their useless spat and I’m still waiting for a happy moment for Carla and Samu. I couldn’t be less interested in Rebeca, Cayetana or the other characters. I also just didn’t need the drug timeline. I wouldn’t be surprised if Samu’s brother returned but I also wouldn’t enjoy it.

It is very concerning seeing the promo images for season 4 suggesting a few of our favourite characters may not be returning for season 4 which would be really sad. However, I also saw that Elite is releasing ‘shorts’ to tell different stories, I am specifically intrigued by the Carla and Samu short.

So, what are you hoping to see this season? Will you be watching on June 18 when the new season airs?

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