Checking out the Dawson’s Creek pilot…

Dawson’s Creek has always been one of those shows for me which I’ve heard of, or has been referred to, but I never had the opportunity to check it out until now. Recently Dawson’s Creek went up on Aussie Netflix so I thought I’d give it a go and let you know what I think of the pilot. So here goes;

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We are first introduced to Dawson and his friend while they hang out critiquing TV things. So, Dawson himself is a movie buff which is kind of fun since I am clearly very interested in TV shows, so I just thought that was nice.

Then we are introduced to Joey, his life long best friend (right of image), Joey.

I really don’t vibe with this other guy, Pacey, (left of image) so let’s hope he gets better. So far, from just the pilot, everything he has said felt borderline offensive and also he is rude and some other things we will get in to…

Anyway, back to the start Joey breaks to Dawson that they basically aren’t allowed to sleep over together now that they’re 15. So, was it okay last week? If she stays at his every weekend why was it fine last weekend but not this weekend? Seems a bit suspicious to me.

I have heard the consensus is that Dawson is the worst part of Dawson’s Creek (but honestly, James Van Der Beek playing himself in ‘Don’t trust the B in Apartment 23’ is gold), but this is definitely a red flag.

And this too… Like, I know it’s Dawson’s bed, but look at him man-spreading, he is lying down the middle of the bed!

Outer Banks who? Honestly, there might be a bit more worth watching here, I mean, at least in number of episodes there definitely is. So, if you were someone who did happen to like Outer Banks or just like the idea of a small town show for people living on the water maybe this is it!

not my video

This is my main gal. Gotta love a woman who doesn’t take shit from boys and stands up for herself, so far I’m rooting for this girl. But they are trying to make me not like her, you can already see that her standing up for herself against rude men is portraying her as the bitch of the show, which is just so unoriginal. I love this girl, show me more of her honestly because she’s a powerful woman.

Now, these next series of events really threw me, Pacey had met this woman at the video store and flirted with her, which already gave me bad vibes but then, there’s this.

Yikes… “during school hours”

Um, also yikes…

Double yikes, already wondering why all of this was allowed and why the rest of them are friends with Pacey but also, why none of them told him it was super weird to be so into his teacher.

What exactly is going on! She’s his teacher! Also, he is a child. If Joey and Dawson are 15 then so is Pacey so what on Earth is happening in this show. We are only looking at the pilot!

Basically, Joey has been whining and complaining literally the entire show since a new girl showed up, but she was really boring in the episode so if you want to see her wait a few more episodes. I sort of understand where Joey is coming from when she acts like this the whole episode, she is just jealous of Dawson being interested in another girl because of what it could mean for their friendship and she is already worried about their friendship beforehand. And Dawson is kind of instantly obsessed with this girl but he is also just being nice. However, her being so rude and whinny the whole time really doesn’t put me on her side. Although, she is 15 so I guess I can let it slide for now. But, so far my least favourite characters are Pacey and Joey.

We then end with Joey and Dawson deciding they can still be best friends and tell each other anything because they care about each other so much, which is cute. The execution is kind of strange but humorous.

So, on a whole, I would suggest giving Dawson’s Creek a go, it looks decent enough as far as teen shows go. I think the friendship that Dawson and Joey have is also nice and kind of cute but I worry that the point of that is to ruin it. Either way, I think I will keep watching it. If you want an ‘every qualm I have with’ for season 1 let me know and I’ll make one!

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Biggest questions ‘Blood and Water’ left me with…

I recently checked out ‘Blood and Water’ on Netflix which follows a young South African girls mission to find out what happened to her sister who was taken from the hospital the day she was born 17 years ago.

  • How the hell does Puleng keep her socks up
  • Puleng actually broke into the principals office to steal a birth certificate which for some reason the school had, which actually wouldn’t mean anything even if she was born in the hospital her sister was?
  • Why were fikile’s parents so shook when they found out about the stolen baby it was all over the news when it happened and all over the news recently when her dad got arrested?
  • Just because she has the same birthday and same age as your sister doesn’t mean anything- wouldn’t they change the birth date if they were going to forge a birth certificate for a trafficked baby?

  • None of Fik’s friends told her sleeping with her coach was messed up

  • How old is Puleng? She gets into a party and gets served alcohol but its a 17th birthday party and her sister was older than her so at bare minimum she is 16 if her mum got pregnant right away after their baby got stolen which i doubt which makes her younger than 16 – so why is Fik interested in being her friend and KB is apparently like 18

    Then they say in the final episode that she is ’16’ which does mean that her mum got pregnant again very quickly which is strange especially considering the evidence that her father didn’t want the first baby.
  • How rich is KB if he can so easily get his honestly not that good song on the radio so fast?
  • What do all the different blazers mean?
  • Is it really that easy to just switch schools part way through the semester in South Africa?
  • They get into a club so what’s the deal with the drinking age, we know Fik is 17 so what?
  • How did no one see Fik and Coach having weird intimate moments in the school?
  • Puleng’s dad having notified an adoption agency that he wanted to give his baby up for adoption is not evidence that he trafficked her, if he had he would surely not have made such a big deal on the media about their baby being taken. Giving a baby up for adoption is not illegal. Wanting his wife to get an abortion also isn’t evidence that he trafficked his baby… so my question is, what’s the real evidence against Puleng’s father?

Netflix has announced a second season is coming which I truly hope is true because I feel like nothing was answered in the first 6 episodes. We are no closer to finding out what happened to Pumelele or what KB’s fathers involvement is. However, here is mine and my friends prediction;

We feel like Puleng’s father is going to be convicted of trafficking his daughter because it just seems more dramatic that way. However, we don’t think he was involved. We also don’t believe Fik is Pumelele because honestly, would you not want a baby from further away than the other side of town so it would be harder to find you with a baby that looks like the one on the news born around the same time. Also i don’t think they would be stupid enough to have Pumelele and not give her a different birth date even by 1 day since the birth certificate was likely faked you could pick a day earlier or a day later. We do think it is likely that Fik was a trafficked child or at the very least adopted because otherwise her parents behaviour makes no sense. That being said, could they not as wealthy people have gotten a baby through legitimate means? Either way, we don’t think that Fik is the baby or that Puleng’s father was involved.

Now, these are just predictions and I guess we shall see in the next season what is true. Let me know if you have checked out ‘Blood and Water’ yet and what you thought. I think it’s great to support international film and television especially in an accessible format like on Netflix so it would be great for support the foreign Netflix Originals like this.

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My problem with 13 Reasons Why…

When 13 Reasons Why first went live on Netflix I was a high school student and I like most people around me, watched it. For anyone who has not seen it or read the book, 13 Reasons Why is about the aftermath of a suicide by a female student at a school in America. Hannah Baker committed suicide and left 12 tapes naming those who caused or added to her pain. The show follows the other characters hearing their own and the reasons the others caused Hannah Baker’s suicide.

The first season of 13 Reasons Why, for me, is good. The messages and themes which were brought up really resonated with the high school experience. They presented many issues which are prevalent for teens and continued over the next few seasons to present even more. These include;

  • Bullying,
  • Rape,
  • Sexual harassment,
  • Peer pressure,
  • Addiction,
  • Abuse,
  • School shooting,
  • Criminal justice,
  • Depression,
  • Anxiety, and more.

The first season presented an important message particularly on how you can never know what is going on in someone else’s life, any small thing may make a massive impact on them and to be mindful of your actions always.

However, 13 Reasons Why has had four seasons. Season one telling Hannah Baker’s story, season two overseeing Hannah’s trial and the case against her rapist, season three about said rapist’s murder and season four about trying to get away with the murder. 13 Reasons Why began telling a story about a girl’s pain and suicide and the impact this suicide had on those around her and her family. But for me, it appears as the seasons go on this story is watered down. Season two even undermines some of the ‘reasons’ presented in season one like with Zach and the notes he didn’t throw away, but then finding out they dated after and she was happy with him for a period of time, begging the question how does him taking her notes become a reason? This made Hannah less believable and undermined somewhat the message that all these little things can equal something terrible for someone, when they made Hannah look like a liar.

Somewhere along the way this show about bullying and suicide turned into a crime show with a murder mystery third season. This for me is such a deviation from the point. I have the utmost respect for shows who make their story and they tell the tale they intended and don’t drag things out for the sake of money in a show which doesn’t support that length. For me, 13 Reasons Why is not one of these. I could appreciate the creation of Season two showing the trial processes and the importance of coming forward for victims. But to make four seasons feels like a money grab. If I wanted to watch How to Get Away With Murder, I would be. Now, I recognize that it was always a bit back and forth with the timeline. But for me, when it became a back and forth about a murder it was too much like Elite or How to Get Away With Murder that it felt almost like they were ripping off the success of crime shows.

Furthermore, 13 Reasons Why was about the 13 reasons Hannah Baker killed herself, to introduce characters who never even met her into the show makes no sense to me.

Thankfully, 13 Reasons Why did become very popular which is good for the message they were trying to tell, but because of this popularity, I feel like the third and fourth seasons were created to make money and turn it into a drama. 13 Reasons Why was no longer about suicide or the 13 reasons. 

I did not personally feel a need to watch season four when it came out, I won’t say I will never but I have yet to watch it because I feel like they deviate so much from their original purpose. 13 Reasons Why wasn’t a crime show it was about bullying. But the characters keep bullying each other. So I may be wrong in my assessment of season four but I have heard it resembles season 3 in not having anything to do with Hannah anymore. Having her mum come back for a few scenes isn’t enough.

I feel like 13 Reasons Why should either have had a one season run or the two it began with. If they wanted to make a show about all these other issues they could have, they didn’t need to use the characters or story line from 13 Reasons Why, they could have made their own show to continue on and have a murder mystery or made a show to tackle the issues like steroid use, drug addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, and more. And that’s my problem with 13 Reasons Why…

Let me know your thoughts on the show and whether you think they’re dragging it out to make more money or if you watched all four seasons. Thanks for reading!

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Why I’m gutted ‘The Society’ season 2 got cancelled…

The Society | Trailer da temporada 01 | Legendado (Brasil) [HD ...

So, Netflix announced recently that they were axing season 2 of ‘The Society’ due to COVID and it really saddened me. ‘The Society’ came out in 2019 and became quickly very popular. For me, it was the best of the constant versions of “a whole bunch of kids are the only ones to survive how will they make it” shows which we’ve seen before in ‘Under the Dome’ and ‘Between’. It was real, these kids were doing stupid things, just trying to make relationships work and learn how to survive. There were power struggles and the part that I found really interesting as a criminology student was, we were able to watch them recreate the criminal justice system. American kids deciding which parts of the criminal justice system they wanted to keep and wanted to leave behind. But, they made mistakes. It showed domestic abuse and mental health. I loved ‘The Society’ and really liked the cast. Here are all the reasons I really am gutted the show got cancelled and why I hope Netflix will change their mind.

  • Grizz and Sam were adorable – I think lots of us would agree we need to know how they get through the whole Becca’s baby thing. Grizz learning ASL (or really BSL) to talk to Sam in his language killed me. We need more of Grizz and Sam!
  • We aren’t going to find out for sure who the baby’s father is – my money was always on Campbell because otherwise there would be no reason, when you are entirely isolated with only those classmates, to not tell your best friend unless it’s his terrible older brother.
  • Where are they?
  • What was up with the dog? Only 1 domestic animal was seen in New Ham and I need to know why! How did the dog get back to the real town at the end?
  • What happened? – The entire show is them trying to learn to live in their own ‘society’ and figure out a way to get back and now we will never know. This just reminds me of when ‘The Returned’ got cancelled and I could never find out why those specific people rose from the dead and why Camille’s sister started to get sick.
  • Are they going to make it back home?
  • What was the deal with the writing on the church?
  • What happens to their society? – Do they survive under this new leadership, can they become self-sufficient? Do they run out of food?
  • I really enjoyed Katheryn Newton and so I hope she gets on another show soon so I can watch more of her work.

‘The Society’ was really popular when it came out with people making their guesses about what was really going on and theorizing and I for one was really looking forward to season 2 in 2020 but now they’ve cancelled it because of COVID and I am sad to know that I will never find out what the heck was going on. I understand these are unprecedented times and film and television is being hit hard by COVID however, I wish they had picked a different show honestly. The society could have had a really long run like ‘The 100’ but now it won’t and our questions will never be answered.

Please let me know if you’re also upset we won’t be seeing more of ‘The Society’ in the future!

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